Cheer Jump School Training DVD

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8 Cheer Training Segments including: How To Put On The Kinetic Bands, Dynamic Warm-up, Range Of Motion, Strength, Plyometrics, Abdominals, Jump Specific, and Post Stretch.

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Cheer Training Video Series Using Resistance Bands

Our cheerleading video series features cheer exercises using resistance bands on one 33 minute DVD to help maximize training time and benefits for cheerleaders. The exercises are grouped into 8 different sections listed below and will help improve cheerleading fitness. Performing these cheer exercises using resistance bands (Myosource Kinetic Bands) helps cheerleaders become stronger, more flexible and balanced, increase endurance, and improve their jumps, stunts, and tumbling. The stronger and more confident you are, the less likely you are to get injured. Whether you are an all-star, novice or recreational cheerleader, this cheer training DVD can help in your quest to reach your full cheerleading potential.

1) How To Put On The Kinetic Bands

Learn how to put the Kinetic Bands on correctly for a proper fit. Resistance is needed to maximize results and you should expect reduced benefits when the bands are not used correctly.

2) Dynamic Warm-up

Movements to prepare your muscles for the activities you are about to perform. A dynamic warm-up should always be performed before training, practice or competition.

3) Range Of Motion

Improve your joint flexibility, mobility, agility and decrease the risk of injury.

4) Strength

Functional strength to develop the muscles needed for cheerleaders to perform better jumps, stunts, and tumbling; improving balance and form for safer landings.

5) Plyometrics

Improve muscular speed and power to explode off the floor for higher jumps.

6) Abdominals

Strong abs and core muscles help stabalize your body for better body control and performance.

7) Jump Specific

Performing jump specific movements with the Kinetic Bands mimics the exact movements a cheerleader will use during a performance. The added resistance helps promote muscle memory and muscle development to take your cheer jumps to a higher level.

8) Post Stretch

Reduces muscle tension and soreness, prevents muscle strains, and helps the cheerleader relax.

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