Fit Athlete Training Combo with DVD

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Includes: Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance & Exercise Bands); KB Upper Body Workout Bands; Speed & Agility Training DVD; Athletic Stretching Strap; Drawstring Backpack.

The Fit Athlete Training Combo provides a full body workout for athletes of all ages (7+) and performance levels.

Myosource Kinetic Bands' unique upper and lower body resistance bands help strengthen your legs, hips, core muscles, and entire upper body which can help improve your athletic performance.

The Fit Athlete training combo is an affordable and convenient way to get a full body workout and to target specific areas of your body anywhere, anytime.

The Kinetic Bands™ provide resistance throughout each exercise allowing you to combine cardiovascular and strength training to improve balance, flexibility, speed, tone and firm muscles, and reduce body fat. Select your resistance level to maximize your results. The Fit Athlete Training Combo can provide results for all athletes regardless of age (7+ yrs), gender, or athletic ability or skill level (youth athlete, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or powerful/professional level).

This combination can be used together or individually and you will love the results!

Individual Product Details:

Myosource Kinetic Bands™ MSRP $39.95

Our unique lower body resistance bands work the quick twitch muscles in the core area of your body to help you get FASTER, QUICKER, STRONGER. increasing FLEXIBILITY and improving BALANCE and STAMINA. The unique design of our lower body resistance bands allow you to target and strengthen individual muscles or groups of muscles. Strong quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hips are necessary for proper balance, flexibility, and mobility and to help reduce the risk of sport related injuries. Kinetic Bands™ complement any workout routine or weight loss program.

Kinetic Bands come in two sizes and each set includes two sets of resistance bands.

For users who weigh 110 pounds (50 kg) or more: GREEN and RED resistance bands

For users who weigh less than 110 pounds: YELLOW and RED resistance bands (resistance bands are shorter so smaller athletes with a narrower hip line can get the resistance they need). Note: A long red band is included to use in the front if an athlete feels too constricted with a short band in front.

Upper Body Kinetic Bands MSRP $29.95

This versitile upper body resistance bands set offers a quick and easy way to build strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility in the chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, obliques, and abdominals. Whether your goal is training for fast and powerful punches or to strengthen, tone and firm your upper body, our upper body resistance bands can help you achieve results.

Each set of Upper Body Kinetic Bands include 3 sets of resistance bands in different lengths and one resistance level (You must select the desired resistance level when ordering):

BEGINNER (Yellow Bands): For young athletes and adults weighing less than 110 lbs who are just starting out

INTERMEDIATE (Red Bands): For beginner adults and moderate training

ADVANCED (Green Bands): Recommended for adults who are currently exercising regularly

POWER (Blue Bands): For advanced athletes

Athletic Stretching Strap MSRP $8.95

Myosource Stretching Strap is a great stretching and warm-up tool for everyone!

The Stretching Strap was designed to help athletes stretch out without putting any unnecessary stress on joints.

This handy tool is very affordable and easy to use.  Athletes who properly stretch their muscles before running, pitching, or throwing can increase flexibility, reduce soreness, and reduce the risk of injury.

Drawstring Backpack with Logo MSRP $6.95

Size: 15-3/4" x 12-3/4"

Color: Bright blue and black with white logo.

Material: Lightweight 80gsm polypropylene

Features: outlined with 1" wide reflective strips; Dual drawstrings cinch the bag closed at the top; Carry it as a backpack or over-the shoulder; Two grab handles make it easy to use as a tote bag.

"The Fit Athlete" Speed and Agility Training DVD


Test Out - Pre and Post Tests for 5/10/5, 40 Yard Dash, 60 Yard Dash

Kinetic Bands Stretch - Proper Stretching Techniques

Kinetic Bands Warmup - Dynamic Warm-up Lunge and Twist

Kinetic Bands Agility - Footwork, Fast Feet, Balance

Kinetic Bands Sprint - Speed Training, Lateral Speed Training, Explosion

Kinetic Bands Core - Strengthening Abdominal Muscles, Obliques, Hip Flexors, and Glutes

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • 5
    Great product, Great customer service

    Posted by Ben on 21st Jul 2015

    Customer service is top notch. Had my questions answered right away.

  • 4
    half satisfied

    Posted by Joe Bracone on 2nd Dec 2012

    I have ordered two sets of fit athlete one with upper body green bands and the other with blue bands.

    I have received both with the the upper body kit green bands,for me a little too light.

    I practice karate (advanced training). The legs kit is ok, improvements come quick, better than ankle weights. Legs lift and speed are quickly felt.

    Unfortunately for the upper body the green bands are too weak and need to 100s of reps to get the right intensity in the work out.

  • 5
    Improvement plus

    Posted by John Criste on 29th Oct 2012

    My legs were weak due to both knees replaced, 3 pins in my left hip and three back surgeries. After just the first week of using the kinetic bands, my kicking has improved dramatically. My instructors have noticed a great improvement. I can't say enough about the bands . Thank you

  • 5
    Instantly Better

    Posted by Devon Jackson on 16th Sep 2012

    I purchased these bands as an aid to my leg recovery after I broke it 6 months ago. I've had great issues in my leg such as shin splints. After just one week using the bands my leg has improved an enormous amount. I am able to run or play football free of pain again. Not only did I recover quicker than I was told at first but I have become faster and more explosive. My vertical jump use to be 30 inches and just after a week I am jumping to a new best of 34 inches. I absolutely recommended this to anybody. It will improve you quickly and effectively.

  • 5
    Variety of Conditioning

    Posted by Michael on 25th Aug 2012

    Prior to using the Myosource Kinetic Bands (MKB), I used therapeutic bands, that I would have to tie up; however, the MKB doesn't slip and they are consistent, which you are able to measure your progress from one training session to the other.

  • 5
    Improved Quickness

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Aug 2012

    I purchased the bands for my son. He was moved to Line Backer and we wanted help improving his quickness. After a couple of weeks he has removed a tenth of a second from his 40.

  • 5

    Posted by D Brava on 3rd Aug 2012

    I've been using these bands for the last 3 months. Even at 43 y/o I've experienced great gains in flexibility and kicking quickness in a short amount of time. My hips and back feel incredible and I keep getting stronger. My squat has also improved. My 13 y/o son just took 1st place in his last Nippo tournament. His footwork and kicking have improved dramatically. Thanks myosource!

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