Glucosamine and Joint Pain

People often read about a dietary supplement, nutritional supplement, or vitamin and wonder what it all means.  The terminology is difficult to understand and most just want to know the answer to “what will it do for me?”  

What are Joints and what causes Joint Pain?

Joints allow people to move and provide support because they form the connections between bones. It is estimated that approximately 33% of people experience joint pain from issues with cartilage, tendons, and/or ligaments. Pain and swelling in the joints affects a person’s quality of life and mobility. Experiencing achy knees and hips while walking, or sore shoulders while lifting or carrying make life difficult. Bending, walking, stretching, and lifting are things that people do repeatedly throughout the day. Whether joint pain is mild or severe, it is still pain that interferes with daily living. When any part of a joint gets inflamed or irritated joint pain is inevitable.

What is Glucosamine and it's benefits?

Glucosamine is made of glucose and amino acid glutamine and is naturally found in the body. One of the issues people face is the fact Glucosamine production slows down with age. People are constantly looking for something to lesson, ease, reduce, or eliminate their joint pain. The human body makes Glucosamine to repair joint cartilage, so taking a dietary supplement of Glucosamine aids this process. Glucosamine is available in dietary supplement form, used to thicken the cartilage cushion and fluid around the joints.

Glucosamine is commonly used for osteoarthritis, which is the stiffening and elasticity loss in joints. Many people suffer from swollen joints, painful movements, and severe damage in their joints and are finding that consuming Glucosamine as a dietary supplement is helping relieve any pain or discomfort. Further research is being completed for the usage of Glucosamine for irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions, ulcers, Crohn’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other forms of arthritis. 

Life Style Changes:

There is not a known cure, but there are things that a person can do to aid in the prevention or alleviation of joint pain.

•  INCREASE EXERCISE: When a person experiences joint pain they often do not exercise because of the pain. The lack of exercise weakens the joints further and can cause deterioration.


•  WEAR THE PROPER SHOES: People spend much of their time on their feet, which can put strain on the joints throughout the body, especially the knees. Choosing footwear that eases knee pain can go a long way in helping you maintain healthy, pain-free joints.

•  WEIGHT LOSS: Weight loss is especially important because the excess weight can strain the joints and increase wear and tear on the knees and hips. Many obese people ultimately find themselves needing knee or hip replacements, which in many cases could have been avoided by maintaining a healthy weight.

•  DON'T SMOKE: Smoking affects your bones and joints. Some studies suggest smoking decreases bone density and increases your risk of osteoporosis, along with bone and joint fracture.

Why try Joint Decision? 

*"Glucosamine, manufactured by the body through diet, is found naturally in the synovial fluid between all joints." *"Glucosamine has been shown in clinical studies to regrow cartilage and slow the progression of joint deterioration."

One capsule of Joint Decision contains 500 mg of Glucosamine HCI.  We suggest taking 3 capsules of Joint Decision per day with 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Do this for 30-60 days and adjust the dosage if needed to maintain a comfortable level. The body depends upon Glucosamine to make and rebuild cartilage in the joints and taking a Glucosamine dietary supplement will assist the body’s natural cell molecular production. The purpose of Joint Decision Glucosamine dietary supplement is to assist in the function and structure of joints. The body needs cushion and lubrication in all of the joints. Increasing the level of Glucosamine in the fluid surrounding the joints is for the purpose of allowing cartilage to cushion joint movements properly.

Try Joint Decision for yourself. 


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