Kinetic RT® Precision Trainer (Overhead Muscle Mechanics)

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Available in 3 sizes with 2 levels of resistance per set: (1) Small belt with intermediate & advanced resistance bands. (2) Medium belt with advanced & elite resistance bands. (3) Large belt with advanced & elite resistance bands.

The Kinetic RT® Precision Trainer is designed to assist with overhead muscle mechanics and help position players perfect precise movements within their sport. Adding resistance to repetitive overhead

movements will help strengthen the arms, shoulders, back, and core muscles; creating muscle memory while working to improve:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Body Control
  • Upper Body Flexibility

Athletes that play positions requiring these types of movements will benefit the most from using this resistance training tool:

  • FOOTBALL: Position specific arm moves, passing or receiving
  • BASKETBALL: Shooting, passing, rebounding or shot-blocking
  • VOLLEYBALL: Overhead serves, blocking, digging, setting, spiking
  • SOCCER: Throwing in a ball or playing the goalie position
  • TENNIS, RACQUETBALL & SQUASH: Overhead serves


  • Adjustable waist belt (Small, Medium, or Large)
  • 2 comfortable wrist straps
  • 2 sets of resistance bands (2 different levels of resistance)
  • Breathable mesh travel bag

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • SMALL Belt - User waist size is 31 inches (78.74 cm) or less - includes green/intermediate & red/advanced resistance bands
  • MEDIUM Belt - User waist size is 32-39 inches (81.28-99.06 cm) - includes red/advanced & blue/elite resistance bands
  • LARGE Belt - User waist size is 40 inches (101.60) or more - includes red/advanced & blue/elite resistance bands
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