Noradrenaline For Brain Power And Energy

Most people these days are in need of something that can get their brains fired up, ready to think, focused, and energetic. The desire is to find something that can activate the brain quickly and last throughout the day. Brain power is something that people do not generally think about on a regular basis. Instead, they focus more on things that will give them a little “pick up”, like an energy drink or a cup of coffee. It would make more sense to consume something naturally healthy that will do more than create a crash and burn type of energy. Find a dietary supplement that has natural ingredients beneficial for the activation and usage of Noradrenaline, which is what the brain uses as adrenaline and neurological transmission.  

There are two ingredients that stimulate the activation of Noradrenaline

• L-Phenylalanine:  L-phenylalanine is the essential amino acid that the brain uses for noradrenaline production and naturally occurs as a neurotransmitter.  A neurotransmitter is the messenger that transmits impulses from cell to cell, cell to nerve, cell to muscle, or cell to organ. There are many foods with a high source of L-phenylalanine, such as dairy, fish, chicken, meat and beans. Many people do not consume sufficient amounts of L-phenylaline, especially people who do not eat a lot of protein. Vegetarians and/or vegans often need this dietary supplement the most.

• Caffeine:  Most people are familiar with caffeine. They drink coffee, tea, or soda to wake up and get energized. Caffeine acts as a stimulator and is in many natural items, such as fruits, plants and seeds. While most people are familiar with it, many fail to realize that high amounts of caffeine can be toxic. A dietary supplement that contains sufficient amounts of caffeine, instead of high amounts, is both healthy and beneficial. 

The following are some issues known to reduce energy levels:

• Stress: Everyone endures stress, making them susceptible to the fatigue and lack of energy it causes.

• Insufficient Vitamins and Minerals in the Daily Diet:  The nutritional diet people are lacking causes them to not get enough of the vitamins and minerals they need to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain the energy needed to function properly.

• Sickness – Illness – Disease: Diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, liver issues, and high blood pressure are examples of problems people deal with that cause energy levels to drop. Not only do these problems hinder energy, but the medications involved can also cause additional energy levels to drop.

• Insufficient Physical Activity: Many people find it hard to exercise due to their busy schedules. Exercise builds energy, so lack of exercise zaps energy. Exercise increases blood circulation and boosts metabolism to increase energy.  

Let’s look at some other natural ingredients needed for that daily “lift”.

• Taurine: Taurine is a highly needed amino acid that builds protein for the brain, heart, eyes, and blood. Many people need this in a dietary supplement because they do not eat enough foods containing it, causing their levels to become low. Consuming Taurine in a dietary supplement adds to the natural Taurine found in foods, such as fish and meat, and is not meant for the distinct purpose of treating a medical condition or disease. 

• Glycine: Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that develops the tissue of muscle and changes glucose into energy. Glycine is needed to regulate blood sugar levels and benefits the digestive and central nervous systems. The body often suffers from the breakdown of muscles and glycine assists in preventing this by elevating creatine to strengthen and build muscle mass. Lacking glycine prevents the body from repairing it’s damaged tissues and can leave a person fatigued or even anemic.

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