Power Dribble® Basketball Resistance Training Aid for All Ages

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Power Dribble® Basketball Resistance Training Aid for All Ages

Our patented Power Dribble® design utilizes resistance to help basketball players build muscle memory for proper basketball dribbling and ball handling. This unique basketball training aid helps teach players how to control the ball and keep it low as they dribble. A great ball handler is able to dribble the ball in a controlled manner; keeping it below their waist or knees when needed and close to their body and away from defenders. Power Dribble® is easy to use so any basketball player can work at home to improve their ball handling and dribbling skills. Many coaches have their players use it during practice sessions and pre-game warmups.

Improves Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling In All Ages

The Power Dribble® features adjustable straps which allow athletes of all ages and sizes to improve their dribbling & ball handling skills on the court. Power Dribble® easily adjusts in length to grow as a player grows.

It's simple, ambidextrous design makes it equally functional for right and left-handed athletes. For an additional $10.00, you can add a second Power Dribble® to your order so you can work both sides of your body simultaneously.

Provides Agility and Footwork Benefits For Many Sports

Power Dribble® isn’t just for basketball. Athletes who train for many sports, including baseball, football, lacrosse, and running, use the Power Dribble® to improve their agility and footwork. Using resistance training equipment during workouts provides speed, agility, and footwork training benefits for any athlete and the Power Dribble® is no exception. We guarantee results!

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