Stretch Band for Dance Cheer and Gymnastics Flexibility

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Maximize dance, cheer, and gymnastic stretches

Increase Dance, Cheer, and Gymnastics Flexibility

Our stretch band is versatile and can help increase flexibility for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnasts.

This easy to use stretch band is a strong seamless latex rubber loop; providing hands-free stretching when needed.

Stretch Band for Dance Flexibility

All dancers regardless of skill level can benefit from hands-free stretching and increased flexibility. The Kinetic Stretch Band allows dancers to stretch in various dance positions while their upper body remains free to practice arm, hand, and finger movements. Stretching with this simple yet effective resistance band, while maintaining proper body positioning, can help improve lower body strength, flexibility, and muscle memory by targeting muscles with small and concise movements against the resistance.

Stretch Band for Gymnastics Flexibility

Gymnasts need strong and flexible bodies to be able to give safe and solid performances in floor exercise and apparatus routines. Performing gymnastics stretches with a resistance band like the Kinetic Stretch Band provides several benefits that include making you more limber, improving muscle strength, and helping your muscles prepare for a high intensity workout or performance. You can reduce your risk of injury by maintaining a strong, limber body and properly stretching your muscles to prepare them for physical exercise.

Stretch Band for Cheerleading Flexibility

Cheer jumps and stunts require a great deal of strength and flexibility from cheerleaders. Stretching with the Kinetic Stretch Band can help cheerleaders loosen up before practice or performances which can lessen their chances of pulling a muscle. The Kinetic Stretch Band provides resistance and can also be used to help cheerleaders strengthen muscles, especially around the joints, for safer and more controlled landings.

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