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Elastic Mini Resistance Bands for Exercise (Set of 5)

Elastic mini resistance bands for exercise are high quality, heavy duty elastic bands that offer 5 color-coded resistance training levels from light to extreme for all your workout or strength training needs. Elastic exercise bands for working out are also great for physical therapy and the rehabilitation of knee, back, hip and other lower body injuries and can be used in many upper body exercises to target shoulders, arms, chest, back and obliques.

Each mini band measures approximately 10 inches long and 2 inches wide and is clearly marked with the appropriate training level.

•Level 1 (06-12 pounds) - Green

•Level 2 (10-15 pounds) - Blue

•Level 3 (13-24 pounds) - Yellow

•Level 4 (18-30 pounds) - Red

•Level 5 (25-38 pounds) - Black

A compact carry bag stores all 5 exercise bands and easily fits into a gym bag or purse.


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