Baseball Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Increase Base Running Speed

Using resistance bands during baseball conditioning can help you increase base running speed by building leg strength, hip flexor strength, stronger glutes for power and explosion, increasing flexibility and balance, and can also help improve stride length and stride frequency.

Increase Throwing Velocity, Distance and Accuracy

Good mechanics are fundamental to becoming a great pitcher or defensive player. Strong legs, hips, and glutes and good shoulder and arm strength are important for delivery and endurance and help increase velocity and power. It's important to properly warm up before throwing to reduce the risk of injury.

Increase Speed and Quickness for Fielding

Successful infielders and outfielders need quick lateral movement. Using resistance bands like Kinetic Bands while performing some basic fielding and ladder drills can help you develop a quick first step and improve your ability to change direction quickly while maintaining body control.

Improve Hitting Power and Distance

Becoming a better hitter requires skills such as quick hands, concentration, good hand/eye coordination, flexibility, and strength. Many hitters focus on building upper body strength, but increasing lower body and core strength can really help increase power at the plate.

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