Softball Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Increase Base Running Speed

There a few major components to becoming a faster softball player. A quick first step, aggressive leg drive, stride length and speed of stride. Base running speed can be an essential part of a softball player's success. Gaining that extra half step from home to first, stealing bases and the confidence to be aggressive during all phases of base running, Kinetic Bands are a great softball training tool for building speed, agility, explosive power, balance and endurance.

Improve Hitting Power

Softball hitting involves the ability to rotate the hips quickly, remain focused, and have immense hand-eye coordination, as well as flexibility and balance. Power is an explosive movement created through a combination of speed and strength. Powerful legs, explosive hips and a strong core are essential in hitting the ball harder and farther.

Increase Defensive Speed

Lateral quickness will help infielders get to more balls and make more plays. Lateral speed and a quick drop step or crossover will help outfielders catch tough balls and cut off balls in the gap. Softball Fielders need speed, quick lateral movements, fast reaction time, and the ability to change direction quickly. Training with Kinetic Bands will help a player develop the muscles needed to improve all aspects of fielding.

Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Softball flexibility is essential for the overall development of a player. The start/stop components of the game can cause muscle tightness, muscle fatigue and affect performance as well as recovery time.

Increase Throwing Velocity - Distance - Accuracy

Fundamentals, form, and mechanics are all part of increasing velocity for pitchers and velocity, distance and accuracy for all defensive players. Maintaining leg strength including the hips and glutes plus a strong core will give a softball player the foundation for long term success.

Improve Softball Endurance

Softball players must train not only for the rigors of the game but the endurance of multiple games played over a short period of time. Softball endurance needs to prepare a player for muscular endurance while promoting speed and intense powerful movements.

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