Football Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands during football conditioning can help athletes maximize their training results. Speed, explosive power, strength, and agility are all important skills for success in football.

Increase Sprint Speed

Football players should aim to improve their 40 time and explosive speed for all phases and responsibilities of the game. Explosive power, stride length and stride frequency are key to getting up and down the field covering the most amount of ground possible in the shortest amount of time regardless of position or size. The Kinetic Bands are a great resistance training tool to use during the speed and agility phase of football training; firing the muscles in the legs, hips and glutes developing the strength, flexibility and power to run faster.

Improve Acceleration & Deceleration

Accelerate and Decelerate Quickly; changing direction, reacting fast and under control. Lateral speed is extremely important for football players as well as the ability to start fast, stop quickly and accelerate again reacting to the action on the field.

Improve Footwork, Hip Stability & Hip Strength

Incorporating ladder drills into football training sessions is a great way to work on moving the feet quickly, balanced and under control. A quick first step and maintaining great body control will help improve overall athletic performance.

Improve Muscle Strength & Cardio Conditioning

The Kinetic Bands will challenge the athlete every rep of every set increasing strength, power and cardio endurance. Being able to perform at peek performance level throughout the game will help the athlete and the team. Tired legs can have a dramatic effect on performance at key times during the course of a game. Our resistance bands complement any football training program, including off-season speed, strength, and conditioning.

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