Becoming a Better Football Cornerback

A cornerback must train for explosive speed, reaction time, leaping ability, recovery speed, and top end speed. These are things that can be achieved by resistance training with Myosource Kinetic Bands. Enhanced strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, mobility, and agility are a few things the Kinetic Bands can help with. A cornerback can wear the bands while practicing and/or performing drill work; working hard to become the cornerback in the secondary that opposing quarterbacks fear and coaches have to game plan for.


Cornerback Tip:

One important skill to master when playing cornerback is being able to stop and go on a dime. Explosion is a must and the resistance bands are a great way to achieve this. A corner must get up to speed faster than other positions, especially if beaten by a wide receiver on a double move or broken coverage. It’s important to remember that the receiver knows the route and the cornerback doesn't so he must be able to break and adjust to the receiver and the ball whether breaking forward, back, right, left or at an angle. This makes cornerback the most exposed and disadvantaged position on the football field. Unique speed and ball skills must be present to make up for these disadvantages.

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