Volleyball Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Increase Vertical Jump Height

Increasing vertical jump height will help elevate your game performance. Higher vertical jumps will create more explosive spikes and improve blocking ability. Vertical and Plyometric jump training with explosive movements using the Kinetic Bands will help volleyball players improve the leg strength needed to explode higher while maintaining stability and body control.

Court Speed - Lateral Quickness - Footwork

Volleyball speed is all about moving as fast as possible for 3-4 steps. Fast feet, lateral quickness, the ability to change direction quickly, and explosive power are all key to making great plays. Getting to the right spot with speed while maintaining body control, will increase the success of spikes, blocks, passes, digs and put you in a solid position to react to all activity on the court.

Flexibility - Balance - Body Control

Fast movement on the court requires flexibility, great balance, and body control. Improvement in these 3 areas will greatly enhance your overall athletic performance. Jumping, diving, changing direction, and extending your range of motion are keys to the success of all volleyball players. Maximize your training time by utilizing the Kinetic Bands during all phases of training including your dynamic warm up. You will love the results.

Core Strength and Conditioning

Every Volleyball player should spend time completing the full package by developing core strength as well as full body strength and conditioning. Core strength and stability will allow a volleyball player to move with ease, confidence and controlled movements. Conditioning involves strength development along with muscle endurance and cardio endurance. The Kinetic Bands allow an athlete to train in all areas, challenging every movement, and maximizing training time.

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