Volleyball Speed

Why Speed Matters | How To Improve Multi-Directional Speed

Speed matters in volleyball because players are required to move quickly in multiple directions throughout the entire game. Volleyball players need the ability to accelerate in all directions to achieve quick lateral, forward, backward, and vertical movements. Speed and quick feet help players immediately react to whatever direction the ball is hit, preventing it from touching the floor. Hitting, blocking, setting, and digging skills will all improve when a player is able to quickly move around the volleyball court.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands strengthen the muscles in the legs, hips, and core, increasing a volleyball player's speed, agility, acceleration, and endurance. There are a number of drills and exercises volleyball players can perform while wearing the Kinetic Bands, such as high knees, karaokes, and weaving. Quick reaction drills and exercises force a volleyball player to move on command, causing the muscles to contract quicker to increase their speed on the court.

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