Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Professionals and
Strength & Conditioning Specialists Use Kinetic Bands

There are a variety of applications for a resistance bands training product like Kinetic Bands, including physical therapy and injury rehabilitation.  Using resistance in a physical therapy setting is not new, but using the Myosource Kinetic Bands which allow for full range of motion when treating sport related injuries, is definitely one of the newer alternative forms of physical therapy.

Many health care professionals introduce Kinetic Bands to their patients to help with injury rehabilitation and injury prevention.  Strengthening core and leg muscles can help improve balance, flexibility and prevent injuries.


"I am a Physical Therapy Assistant at one of the largest and well-known hospitals in NYC. I am also training for the women's USA baseball team as a pitcher / centerfield position. I first witnessed the bands on while I was reviewing pitching follow-throughs and happened upon the Myosource video accidentally. I use them religiously and find that my reaction time has improved nicely. The great outcome the bands provide for patients in a physical therapy capacity is incredible. I work in the outpatient department where I see a lot of ACL/meniscus repairs - foot & ankle issues, etc. With ACL repairs for example, you really want the ACL graft to heal in place nicely without disturbing the process. I recommend the Myosource bands so that they can start off slowly and get the fast twitch fibers to kick in at a low work out rate. In other words, the patient does not have to move too much in order to challenge the medial and lateral movement and still get a good workout. Once they get acclimated to the bands, I then take them off and work them out without the bands and it becomes easier for them and I can push them even more. Of course they return to the bands once they have completed a full physical therapy protocol, which in some cases can last of two months depending on the surgery/injury. Truthfully, Therapists have been using Thera-band for years. I feel as if the Myosource Kinetic Bands apply an even resistance throughout and work the core strength at the same time. Core strength is very important not just for sports, but also for regular everyday activities. My patients love the bands and I continue to introduce them to my patients who are trying to recover from an injury and return to sports with optimal results. Thanks for the great workout results on behalf of myself and my patients!"

Pauline Tramantano, PTA, CPT - NSCA
Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY

 "Recent research shows that core and hip weakness are correlated with increased low back, knee, and ankle injuries. Thus, strengthening the hip reduces risk of serious lower extremity injury. Hip muscular activation affects the ability of both the quadriceps and hamstrings to generate an overall muscle balance of the lower legs of which increases a person’s ability to perform at a higher functional capacity. We use the KINETIC BANDS from Myosource to do just that with the majority of our patient and athlete population by focusing on enhancing the strength of the hip musculature."

Physiotherapy Associates - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Holly - PTA, NSCA-CPT (Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer)
Ted - PT, MPT, MTC (Physical Therapist, Manual Therapy)

"As a doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I have utilized Kinetic Bands by Myosource for many of my patients and athletes. Kinetic Bands are a great way to train your body in a functional manner. They allow you to concentrically and eccentrically strengthen muscles in functional patterns, which is great for the athlete looking for sport-specific strengthening exercises. Your functional strength, speed, and agility will definitely improve through the use of this system."

Blue Valley Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, P.A. - Shawnee Mission, Kansas
B. J. Leeper, DPT, CSCS, CGFI

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