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Resistance Training For Weight Loss

There is no short cut to losing weight, but it can be easier and healthier if you do it correctly. Resistance training is a great way to lose weight and become physically fit.

Weight loss workouts that provide resistance help elevate your heart rate to that fat burning zone quicker so you can start losing weight and replacing fat with lean muscle mass. Using leg resistance bands like Kinetic Bands (aka Kbands) during exercise provide results you can feel immediately which can help you stay on track to reach your weight loss goals.

Many diets and ineffective exercise programs work to rid the body of excess water and/or lean muscle mass, neither of which lead to permanent weight loss.

The Burn Fitness & Cardio Workout Program includes 60-days worth of fat burning workouts, nutritional guide, and workout guide; all the tools you need to achieve weight loss and a stronger, firmer, and toned body. Determination is extremely important to transform the body and mind to lead a healthy, happy, and productive lifestyle.

60 Days Of At Home Workouts With Guaranteed Weight Loss Results

Our weight loss program is a complete healthy lifestyle system that combines resistance training with at home workouts to burn fat and strengthen and tone the core muscles. Strong core muscles are especially important because they help with balance, flexibility, injury prevention, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Follow this revolutionary healthy lifestyle program through effective at home workouts that will rev up your metabolism to burn fat, strengthen, and tone your core muscles.

Kinetic Bands will help you burn fat


* 10-DVDs for 60-days of fat burning at home workouts.

* Downloadable Nutrition & Workout Guide

* Downloadable Workout Calendar. (30 days of intermediate workouts, 30 days of advanced workouts)

* A nylon drawstring sportspack to keep everything organized.

* A handy pedometer to count your steps.

For maximum results, we recommend using Kinetic Bands while you exercise. Save $10.00 off the purchase price of Kinetc Bands when you order them with the Burn Fitness & Cardio Workout Program.

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