Basketball Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Improve Vertical Jump Height

Basketball conditioning that includes resistance bands can help develop stronger legs, hips, and glutes. Wearing leg resistance bands like Kinetic Bands while you practice explosive movements and during plyometric jump training can help take your vertical jumps to new heights. Becoming more explosive off the floor will help increase vertical jump height. A good vertical can help basketball players rebound the ball easier to score more points; block more shots and passes; and become a force on the court.

Improve Basketball Quick Feet and Court Speed

Speed, lateral quickness, and a quick first step are key elements for success on the basketball court; fast breaks on offense, cutting off fast breaks on defense, and beating your opponent to the spot in all phases of the game.

Improve Footwork

Balance and body control will improve a player's ability to change direction quickly and react to the movement anywhere on the court. Using resistance bands while performing ladder drills is a great way to work on a basketball player's footwork, balance, and hip stability.

Improve Endurance

Using resistance bands during strength and conditioning workouts can help improve a player's stamina and endurance, greatly increasing the ability to compete at peak performance throughout the entire game. Games are often won and lost due to fatigue and the inability to outperform an opponent.

Basketball Dribbling

Basketball Forwards

Basketball Guards

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