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Exploding to the rim effortlessly takes more than natural ability alone. In order to outperform competitors on the court and rack up points on the scoreboard, basketball players need to participate in jump height training. Acquiring a better vertical jump height allows basketball players to quickly and powerfully snatch rebounds, block shots and make more jump shots with exceptional accuracy. Basketball players looking for an efficient and effective way to increase their jump height and intensity seek the support of our lower body resistance bands for training. Quick results are just an added bonus of the lower body Kinetic Bands. Below, we’ll discuss how our resistance bands take training and athletic performance to a whole new level.

Jump Height Training with Kinetic Bands

Activating and challenging more muscle fibers for quicker activation and more powerful contractions is the ultimate recipe for increasing one’s jump height. Kinetic Bands do just that by exerting resistance on muscles in the core and lower body of basketball players as they perform plyometric drills. This means basketball players can execute sport-specific drills without any restriction or limitation to movement. By simply adding resistance to what a basketball player is already doing makes improving jump height easier and training time more valuable.

Before stretching, warming up and practice routines, basketball players will place the straps just above the knees and attach whichever level of resistance best suites them. Basketball players will work with intensity to train through the resistance, and then repeat the workout without the resistance. Coaches should have their basketball players work on rebounds, blocking shots, and jump shots for a specified period of time while wearing the Kinetic Bands, immediately followed by practicing the same skills without the resistance bands. Basketball players will immediately experience the difference the added resistance makes when they take off the bands and perform the same movements. When the resistance bands are no longer challenging the muscles, basketball players and coaches will be astonished by how explosive one’s jump height becomes.

Great exercises for increasing muscle strength, endurance, and power while wearing the Kinetic Bands include squats, stiff leg angle jumps, lateral jumps, power skips, tuck jumps, front, back, and side obstacle jumps and many other plyometric exercises and drills. Because the lower body resistance bands are so versatile, the opportunities are really endless. With that being said, basketball players can take advantage of the videos on our site and YouTube, which show how the Kinetic Bands can be used for improving jump height and explosiveness on the basketball court, as well as various other skills.

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