Track and Sprint Speed

Track and Sprint Speed Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Increase Sprint Speed

Explosive power, strength, flexibility and endurance are key elements to increase sprint speed for track athletes. Hip flexor strength and leg drive are vital in helping a track athlete increase stride length and stride frequency. The Kinetic Bands are a great training tool for sprint speed development allowing the track athlete to train in a normal functional manner; applying resistance through every phase of a workout challenging the athlete to work harder and smarter.

Increase Explosive Power

High intensity training is a great way to build the strength and explosive power it takes to drive the legs and use ground force to push a track athlete faster and improve sprint speed. Plyometric exercises and drills are great for building explosive power. High intensity and shorter duration drills that focus on maintaining maximum effort will help a track athlete reach the goal of personal best. The Kinetic Bands apply constant resistance pushing the athlete to drive through the resistance maximizing time, effort and results.

Increase Strength and Endurance

Strength is mentioned in nearly every phase of speed training, but endurance is also needed to push the athlete to higher levels of success. Muscle strength and endurance at the middle and end phase of an event will allow the track athlete to maintain maximum velocity longer before fatigue and deceleration kicks in. Maximum velocity during sprint events will only last a very short time and middle and longer distance is where the final kick can make a big difference in how and where you finish. Resistance training with the Kinetic Bands will help take you to that level.

Improve Jump Height & Distance

Whether you want to increase sprint speed, jump higher, jump farther, or throw farther, incorporating our speed training resistance bands into your track and field training will help take you to the next level.

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