Sports Training/Conditioning

Sports training and conditioning programs that include resistance training using resistance bands can help take your athletic performance to a higher level. Success in all sports requires that the athlete performs well, whether it’s having great running speed, the ability to change direction quickly, good flexibility, balance, body control and endurance, or the ability to jump high and far.

Using leg resistance bands like Kinetic Bands during skills training helps an athlete maximize their training time and results. Athletes can condition their bodies for peak performance, strengthening their legs, hips, and core muscles, at the same time they practice sports-specific skills and drills. Kinetic Bands fit just above the knees, allowing an athlete to move unrestricted and in a natural manner with full range of motion.

Myosource Kinetic Bands are used during sports conditioning and skills training worldwide by athletes of all ages (7+) and abilities in many kinds of sports.

Learn About Conditioning Your Body for These Sports with Kinetic Bands

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