Cheerleading Training & Conditioning Using Resistance Bands

Cheerleaders need to be physically fit and flexible to perform jumps, stunts, and tumbling passes to the best of their ability. Using resistance bands like Kinetic Bands during cheerleading conditioning is a great way for cheerleaders to get fit and improve flexibility while they're working to progress their skills and technique.

Increase Cheer Jump Height

Cheer Jumps are a compulsory skill for both competitive and noncompetitive squads. To look great and score well, cheerleaders must perform jumps with profound technique from the moment they explode off of the ground all the way through to a stable and controlled landing.…(read more about cheer jumps)

Improve The Quality And Safety Of Stunts

It is extremely important to ensure that every cheer stunt is performed properly to avoid the risk of injury. Cheerleaders should feel comfortable, confident, and capable before attempting any kind of stunt. Avoid performing any stunts that are too advanced without the proper knowledge, preparation, and supervision. It is important to have spotters surrounding the group when attempting new stunts in case of an error. Each person in the stunt group is responsible for understanding their role to ensure the stunt is performed successfully and safely...(read more about cheer stunts)

Enhance Cheer Tumbling Skills

Spirit fingers and kicks are fun and typically expected from cheerleaders but tumbling adds a higher degree of flair and excitement to the sidelines, and while entrancing and exiting the floor during pep rallies or competitions. Getting the crowd excited and involved is the most important responsibility of cheerleader’s, right? Nothing makes this happen quite like giving the crowd a slew full of girls to watch as they show off their superhuman skills, flipping and flying through the air with grace...(read more about cheer tumbling)


Cheer Kinetic Bands Were featured in Cheer Professional Magazine - Spring 2014

Higher Front Kick

Hip Flexor Stretch

Cheer Motions Chart

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