Hurdler Jump

The hurdler is a cheerleading jump that requires a lot of strength and flexibility. In a hurdler jump, the idea is to have the cheerleader's front leg almost parallel to the upper body and the back leg bent with the foot being brought to the backside, just like in a herkie. The different types of hurdlers consist of a right hurdler, front hurdler, and left hurdler, depending on which direction the jump is focused. The video below demonstrates how to do a hurdler and is an example of a proper right cheer hurdler.

Video Description

Ashley is here with us working out with the Myosource Kinetic Bands to improve the height and technique of her hurdler.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands work to strengthen the cheerleaders legs and hip flexors. They also work to improve balance and flexibility, which helps the cheerleader achieve the proper technique while also activating the necessary muscles that are needed for a higher hurdler.

The unresisted set will give the cheerleader a feather-like feeling in her legs. It is important for the cheerleader to kick her leg up without dropping her chest. If the cheerleader drops her chest, the jump will not be as high and it will result in improper technique. Check out the cheerleading page on our website and get your resistance training started today with our Cheerleading Combo.

Maximize the benefits of your cheerleading workouts by adding the Myosource Kinetic Bands to your training routine. Cheerleaders around the world are seeing the benefits of resistance bands training.

How Do the Resistance Bands Help?

Resistance bands, like the Myosource Kinetic Bands, enable cheerleaders to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Since they fit just above the knees, the bands do not restrict or limit the cheerleaders from practicing any jumps, stunts, or tumbling.

How to do a Hurdler:

  1. The cheerleader will begin the hurdler by standing with the arms in front of the chest and the hands clasped together.
  2. The cheerleader will then raise the arms above the head, keeping the hands clasped together.
  3. The cheerleader will now swing the arms downward, while slightly bending the knees, in order to gain enough force to lift off of the ground.
  4. The cheerleader will release the hands and swing the arms in a circular motion, crossing in front of the legs and swinging upward, above the head.
  5. In the air, the cheerleader will kick the leg of choice up, toward sthe chest, while making sure to maintain a straight leg.
  6. The cheerleader will kick the back leg behind her, bending at the knee, as if trying to kick the backside.
  7. During this jump, both arms are extended in a touchdown motion at an angle in the direction being kicked towards.
  8. The cheerleader must make sure to land with the legs and feet together, knees slightly bent, and hands to the sides.

Cheer Hurdler Tips:

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