Cheer Jumps

Cheerleading Jumps: Toe Touch, Hurdler, and Herkie

Cheer Jumps are a compulsory skill for both competitive and noncompetitive squads. To look great and score well, cheerleaders must perform jumps with profound technique from the moment they explode off of the ground all the way through to a stable and controlled landing. Taking the time to dominant each type of cheer jump will help cheerleaders stand out and find success, whether they are trying out for a squad, pumping up the crowd from the sidelines or performing during a competition. The most popular cheer jumps include the toe touch, herkie, hurdler, pike, and tuck. Each of these cheerleading jumps not only look different but they each require a specific procedure and incorporate different muscle groups to varying degrees when performed. Learning and mastering the specific muscle movements for each jump will help cheerleaders perform to the best of their ability. With some practice and perseverance, cheerleaders can increase their strength and flexibility with the Myosource Kinetic Bands, taking their jumping ability from zero to one hundred, real quick.

How To Jump Higher

In order to master the execution of innovative jumps, cheerleaders must work to physically condition their body for such a talent.  Besides learning and mastering the proper technique for each type of cheer jump, cheerleaders can take their skills, scores and confidence to a new level by training the body to create higher jumps. Increasing cheerleaders’ functional ability to powerfully explode off of the ground for higher jumps and longer air time should be a goal for all cheerleaders who strive to be the best they possibly can be at their sport. Strong legs, hip flexors and glutes are what allow cheerleaders to blast off the ground and soar to new heights with elegance and poise. Cheerleaders can train with the Myosource Kinetic Bands to aid in the development of leg and core strength while instantaneously perfecting jump technique. Because the Myosource Kinetic Bands fit just above the knees, cheerleaders can perform jumps and kicks with full range of motion while resistance is enforced on every movement. The resistance aids to fire and evenly build up the specific muscles used for each cheer jump while also forming muscle memory. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself. You’ll be amazed by the results.   

Flexibility for Cheer Jumps

Flexibility is another important piece of the “cheer jumps” puzzle. It’s vitally important that muscles are properly stretched and supple before practicing or performing jumps. As we discussed, different jumps utilize different muscles, so it is crucial to dedicate time for stretching during warm up and after any activity to relax the specific muscle groups. Increasing flexibility will help reduce the stress imposed on cheerleaders’ muscles and tendons, prevent injuries and improve overall performance.  Resistance training with Myosource Kinetic Bands is an effective way to warm up the muscles and increase flexibility faster. In a controlled and safe manner, cheerleaders will improve their range of motion by lengthening the muscle and connective tissue around each joint with the support and guidance of the resistance bands.

Cheer Jump School

Since jumps are one of the keys points of being a cheerleader, we offer plenty of free training videos to help you develop the strength and skills required to cheer like a champion. Cheerleaders will be provided with exercises and guidance to achieve jumps that will astonish the crowd and make the rest of the squad envious.

Gain free access to watch or download our complete 8-step "Cheer Jump School" cheerleading training series with the purchase of Cheer Kinetic Bands or anything else on this website; add a hard copy DVD of this instructional series for only $4.95 when purchased with Cheer Kinetic Bands or separately for $9.95.

Our "Cheer Jump School" cheerleading videos will take you through key training elements, using resistance to get more out of your cheerleading workouts so you can reach your full cheerleading potential. The download and DVD include the following training sections: 1) Introduction: How To Put On The Kinetic Bands; 2) Dynamic Warm-up; 3) Range of Motion; 4: Strength; 5) Plyometrics (Jump Training); 6) Abdominals; 7) Jump Specific; 8) Post Stretch.

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