Cheerleading Scorpion

The Scorpion is an advanced cheerleading stunt that relies on full range of motion, exemplifying a great deal of both flexibility and balance. A firm but flexible body is essential for cheerleaders to gracefully hold this particular skill in the air for an extended length of time with ease and stability.

The success of the scorpion cheer stunt is characterized by the range of flexion and extension possessed by the cheerleader, permitting the ability to hold one foot behind the head as high as possible, using both hands, while maintaining balance on the other. Often times, cheerleaders perform this skill without properly preparing their body, lacking strength or suppleness in one or more areas. For example, flexibility in the muscles of the back are often forgotten. The stunt will only be as strong as the cheerleaders’ weakest area, which is why focus should be placed on equipping the body both thoroughly and evenly. Cheerleaders performing the stunt need to remember that the hands are not supposed to be pulling the body into the scorpion, rather the hands are merely a guide for the leg that is lifted behind the head. Overcompensating the body is not only harmful on joints but is easy to spot during a performance. The only way to achieve greater flexbility and range of motion in all areas required for this stunt is by putting in the time and work. Therefore, accomplishing a steady scorpion relies solely on the cheerleaders desire to improve through dedication and persistence. The importance of preparing for the execution of a scorpion by continuously working towards greater flexbility and proper stretching routines cannot be stressed enough. Luckily, with the help of our training aids, the scorpion can be achieved with greater safety in less time by any cheerleader who desires not only possessing but conquering this challenging skill. Cheerleaders will see instant results as our products are geared directly towards assisting cheerleaders reach their highest self and provide them with the opportunity and endurance to shut down the competition with a stellar and sturdy scorpion untouchable by others.

How to Perform a Scorpion

Cheerleaders must stretch before practicing or performing a scorpion. Failing to stretch can easily cause a muscle strain or other types of injury. This technique will only be as successful as the time cheerleaders are willing to commit towards the continuous improvement of flexibility in the back, hips, thighs, and glutes.  Cheerleaders who are introducing themselves to the scorpion can work on flexbility and form by practicing this skill while lying on their bellies on the ground or using a stable object for support while standing upright. For example, try placing the hand that is on the same half of the body as the standing leg on a dresser or a higher surface. If the standing leg is your right leg, then hold on to a surface with the right hand. Cheerleaders can also try this move with a spotter, which will ideally be either a teammates or coach. For safety reasons, a scorpion should be mastered on the ground prior to attempting the skill in the air. Practicing on the ground gives cheerleaders the opportunity to recognize and fix any issues regarding form or technique before taking it safely to the air. Cheerleaders can also practice in front of a mirror to visually see for themselves what needs to be corrected or tweaked in order to achieve a flawless scorpion from start to finish. For even greater improvement, seek feedback from a coach or other cheerleading critique and whole-heartedly put their expert advice into action.  It will take time conditioning the body to perform this challenging skill with ease but patience and focused training will provide cheerleaders with the ability to do so. Master the scorpion with exceptional balance while listening to your body as you perform the following steps below, stopping if you feel any pain or discomfort.

Cheerleading Scorpion

After practicing or performing a scorpion, be sure to stretch the back in the opposite direction by lying on the ground with chest facing up, tucking body into a little ball and rocking back and forth. For a quick stretch, stand up and bend from the hips to touch the toes.

How to Improve a Scorpion

Myosource Kinetic Bands provide a great opportunity for both cheerleading bases and flyers to build strength in the legs, hips, and core, improving not one but all positions required for the proper execution of a stunt. Cheerleaders seeking improvement can take advantage of the bands by wearing them during warm-up, stretching and practice, targeting and challenging the sport specific muscles being used with every moment. The resistance provided by the bands help cheerleaders acquire greater momentum and muscle endurance, making it easier to withstand holding a stunt in the air for an extended period of time. A stunt group can transform as each teammate improves their skill set, creating a powerful force to be reckoned with. This opportunity to train and strengthen skills as a team gives cheerleaders the option to take on more challenging stunt sequences or become experienced in more than one stunt position. Cheerleaders can quickly become equipped with greater flexibility and work towards full range of motion by using the Myosource Kinetic Bands, reducing the risk of injury and making challenging stunts, like the scorpion, attainable.  Cheerleaders will quickly reap the benefits that come from using resistance to target, challenge and strengthen the essential muscles needed for advanced stunting that secures the crowds attention and stomps the competition.

The Flexibility Stunt Strap is included in our Myosource Cheer Kinetic Bands pack and used as a tool for stretching and warm-up and geared to aid cheerleaders’ work towards better jumps, stunts and tumbling through increased flexibility and greater range of motion. The Flexibility Stunt Strap is designed to help cheerleaders safely stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on the joints. These inexpensive and easy-to-use stretching straps provide cheerleaders with the opportunity to efficiently and effectively achieve whatever skills their hearts desire.

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