Cheerleading Stretches

It is a no brainer that flexibility and full range of motion are both vital for cheerleaders to advance in their sport. Stretching and warming-up the muscles before every practice, performance and competition is without a doubt critical for the prevention of injuries and muscle strains. Not only is consistent stretching the key to safety but continuously working towards increased flexibility is the most beneficial way for cheerleaders to see improvement in all aspects of their sport both on the ground and in the air, including jumps and kicks, stunts and tumbling. Therefore, it is obvious why cheerleaders should devote a great deal of their time and efforts towards increasing both their elasticity and their range of flexion and extension. If cheerleaders are persistent, they will achieve greater flexibility but if cheerleaders are consistent, they will keep it.

Cheer Stretch Bands

To obtain the benefits of stretching, it has to be done the right way. Because, we understand the importance of stretching and gaining full range of motion to safely and efficiently perform all areas encompassed in the sport of cheerleading, we offer stretching and training aids geared towards helping cheerleaders surpass their greatest challenges and achieve their highest potential. We have created these products with the same passion and dedication that drives cheerleaders and other athletes to work hard every day to improve their skillset for the sport they live and breathe for because we too have lived and breathed it ourselves. After all, some of us here at Myosource Kinetic Bands found our very own success using the resistance bands to develop our jumps, stunts and tumbling for both competitive and high school cheerleading squads.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are ideal for cheerleaders when they are practicing sport specific movements, allowing their skills and athletic performance to improve without changing their normal workout routine. In addition to the flexibility and strength that can be gained by incorporating the lower body resistance bands, we offer another effective tool to aid cheerleaders as they aim to increase flexibility. The Stunt & Flexibility Strap is a stretching and warm-up tool designed to help cheerleaders stretch before, during and after practice or competitions without putting any unnecessary stress on joints. Cheerleaders can take advantage of the Stunt & Flexibility Strap as they learn to perfect their skills, including but not limited to, the heel stretch and scorpion. This strap can also be utilized for stretching the more complicated parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, rotator cuff, legs, quads, hamstrings and glutes. The Myosource Cheerleading Combo we offer includes a set of Myosource Kinetic Bands (leg resistance bands) and a “Free” Flexibility Stunt Strap which is used in the video below, demonstrating the stretching exercises we find ideal for cheerleaders as they utilize these training aids.

Cheer Stretches

Hamstring and Glutes Stretch

In the video above, Ashley lays on her back with one foot in the stunt strap while walking her hands up the strap, bringing her leg as close to her chest as possible. It is important that the lifted leg remains straight to get the best possible stretch. If the hips begin to wobble, make sure not to bring the foot as close to the chest. The goal is to work towards gradually getting the foot higher, while keeping the hips stable.
Perform 3-4 sets, holding each for 15 seconds.

Groin and IT Band Stretch

When it comes to stretching, the groin and IT Band are often neglected. In the video above, Ashley is laying on her back and using the stunt strap to bring her leg up like before, but this time to the side in order to stretch her groin. Notice that Ashley has a firm grip on the stunt strap and is keeping her hips down to acquire the greatest benefit from this stretch. Next, Ashley brings her leg across her body to work the IT Band. When the leg is pulled across, it is difficult to keep the hips down, but it is important to do so in order to stretch this muscle properly. Often times, cheerleaders will lift their hip off the ground during the crossover, making the stretch easier. Keeping the hip on the floor and taking the leg as far as possible will be the most beneficial. Over time, the goal is to eventually get the toe to the ground on the opposite side and visa versa.

Hold the position for 15 seconds and perform 3-4 times on each leg.

Hip Flexors and Quadriceps Stretch

For this cheer stretching exercise, Ashley is on her stomach. She keeps the stunt strap on her foot, holding on to the other end to mimic a scorpion stretch. The goal is to feel the stretch in the hip flexors, glutes, and quadriceps.
Hold the position for 15 seconds and perform 3-4 times on each leg.

NOTE: Jumps, stunts, and tumbling are often performed on a hard surface, which can be stressful on the joints and tendons. Proper stretching will help prevent injury and improve all aspects of cheerleading.

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