Building speed requires strength, stability, balance and agility. Resistance training with the Myosource Kinetic Bands gives sprinters the force they are trying to generate. Endurance athletes train differently because they are trying to build stamina, while sprinters train for quick, explosive power. The Myosource Kinetic Bands add resistance to the legs, hips, quads, and glutes to activate muscle power. These bands enable sprinters to maximize their speed by forcing the muscles to fire. When the bands are removed, a sprinter feels as if it takes less energy to run. Sprinters need great stride length and stride frequency to improve their sprint times. With a strong core and lower body sprinters will produce more power to be explosive . Resistance training is great because it allows the sprinter’s muscles to contract naturally and quickly.


Sprinters need to work their body from head to toe. Leg strength is very important for a sprinter, but it takes a lot more than that to increase speed. Remembering to keep their hips tall, tighten the back and stomach, and keep the toes, heels, and knees up is a lot to think about. The best sprinters must learn to control all these factors in order to beat their competition to the finish line.

Sprinters also need to realize that rest is necessary while training. Many sprinters overwork and tire their muscles to the point of exhaustion and hurt their overall speed instead of increasing it.

Sprints - Core Strength

It is very important for a sprinter to maintain a strong core. A sprinter utilizes the core to assist the hips and lower body, as well as the arms in building speed.

Sprints - Stride Length and Force

Stride legnth and stride frequency are the two primary components for sprint success. xplosive sprinters produce more force. Sprinters who warm up, stretch, and train in the Myosource Kinetic Bands are able to become explosive and utilize their full range of motion.

Sprints - Healthy Food for a Healthy Body

This may seem very repetitious to track and field athletes, but sprinters must remember that body fat will slow them down. Sprinters need to make sure they are eating a healthy, nutritional diet so that their body is full of the right kind of energy. Food is power, but the wrong food will weigh a sprinter down.

Sprints - Hip Power

Many sprinters do not realize the importance of their hip flexors, leading them to not give the proper attention in training. There are numerous hip flexor exercises that sprinters can do in order to increase speed. Working the hip flexors is as easy as running hills, mountain climbers, or leg lifts while wearing the Myosource Kinetic Bands. Well executed drills will enhance the benefits of training properly.

Sprints - Arms and Hands

Arm and hand technique make a large difference in building speed. Many sprinters do not reach their full potential because they fail to work on mechanics that will help them improve. Sprinters need their arms to help them stay aligned so they are able to utilize the rest of their body efficiently. If a sprinters body does not stay centered they will not be able to fully accelerate to reach their maximum speed. Often, sprinters will tighten their arms and hands but they should be relaxed. Whether a sprinter runs with hands in a fist or open is still debated. Many coaches believe a fist causes a sprinter to be too tight, but others believe an open hand does not produce as much drive.


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