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Triple Jump With Power

Another track and field event is the triple jump. The triple jump event is made up of the jumpers approach, hop, and jumping. Hop, step, and jump training takes time and practice, as well as demands that the triple jumper have strong legs. The triple jump is a combination where technique, form, and momentum are combined with speed to produce explosive jumping power. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will allow triple jumpers to train for greater jumping power and strength by building intense muscles that contract quickly.


The Approach – Takeoff:

The triple jump takeoff looks a lot like the long jump approach. The goal for the triple jumper is to get enough speed to produce momentum for an effective hop, step, and jump to reach the farthest distance possible.

The Hop and Step:

During the hop, triple jumpers must get their take-off leg fully extended in order to put the thigh of their driving leg parallel to the ground. The take-off foot will be pulled up and the drive leg will go from in front of the triple jumper’s body to the back. This is when the take off leg will be driven forward. When the take off legs thigh is parallel then the rest of the leg will go past the knee, while keeping a flexed foot.

The Jump:

During the jump the athlete’s power leg extends explosively as soon as it hits the ground. The thigh of the opposite leg goes up to waist level and the arms pull the body upward and forward. Make sure to keep the eyes focused past the pit and the chin up. At this point the triple jumper’s legs are hanging under the core with both knees bent and the arms above the head. When the arms pull forward the legs will pull forward as well, driving the heels into the sand on the landing.

Arm Position:

Track and field long jumpers can utilize one arm or both arms in their take off. Arm position will be whichever approach the jumper prefers, but most choose to use both arms to build greater explosive power.


The Landing:

Track and Field long jumpers must keep their leg extended with their foot flexed in order to hit the ground in the correct foot position.

Track and Field Triple Jump Training: The Myosource Kinetic Bands training will help track and field triple jumpers build explosive muscles in the lower body, core, and upper body. Triple jumpers need quick muscle fibers for power in their hop, step, and jump. Myosource offers a variety of training videos for track and field triple jumpers to prepare their body for the intense demands the jump puts on them.

Track and Field Triple Jump Tips:

  • The triple jumper must be coordinated with strong, quick, and flexible muscle fibers.
  • The triple jumper needs an extremely strong core with mobility and flexibility. Warming up, stretching, and practicing with the Myosource Kinetic Bands will strengthen the core.
  • The triple jumper must know their mark for takeoff and their distance from the board. These skills take adjusting until footwork and stride length is mastered.
  • The triple jumper needs to keep their body in an upright position.
  • The triple jumper must extend their legs, arms, and core forward to maximize their jump distance.

Track and Field Triple Jump Drills:

Using Myosource for the following triple jump drills will build muscle strength, flexibility, mobility, and stability.

High Knee, Butt Kicker, Single Hop Drill:

  • The triple jumper will put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands
  • The triple jumper will hop on a step with one leg.
  • While the triple jumper hops up on one leg up on the step, they will bring their hopping leg knee up as high as possible and their opposite foot will do a butt kick.

Standing Hops:

  • The triple jumper will put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands
  • The triple jumper will stand in an upright position, with arms to the side.
  • The triple jumper will do a standing hop, then step, then jump upright.
  • This drill is for building lower body muscle strength and core strength without adding the speed.

Skipping High Knees Drill:

  • The triple jumper will put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands
  • The triple jumper will skip down the track, bringing each knee up as high as possible in each step of the skip.


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