Getting Up and Over Hurdles with Ease

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a tool for hurdlers to utilize in conditioning so they increase their stride, jump height, strength, and body control. Hurdlers with great muscle power are able to build strong momentum. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will also enable hurdlers to become more flexible. Flexibility stretching will prepare the entire body to hurdle and build the stamina it needs to take the pressure of this difficult track and field event. Hurdlers should perform agility exercises and drills to improve their running form and speed.


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There are not a lot of athletes who are able to jump a hurdle while running at full speed and do it successfully. Hurdles take great form as well as coordination and jumping height. Often, the problem is that many hurdlers spend most of their time getting over the hurdles and neglect the proper form and technique that is needed to make the jumps successful. Hurdlers must look forward the entire race so that they can see the next hurdle in order to clear it. When a hurdler looks down they become focused on that particular hurdle and lose concentration. To run hurdles it takes excessive leg, thigh, and hip strength, as well as flexibility. Running hurdles also involve maintaining balance, successful landings, running speed, ability to hurdle again, and finally sprinting to the finish line.

Why do hurdlers need strong feet? Strong feet are crucial because they help the hurdler get off the ground and come down several times during the race. The hurdler must land on their toes, with each foot landing separately.

Hurdlers must have the ability to clear a certain height. The higher the hurdle the more advanced the athlete is. If a runner tries hurdling at too high of a level they can create bad technique and form, as well as risk the possibility of severe injury.

Hurdle Takeoff Phase:

The takeoff is where a hurdler goes from running to jumping. During the takeoff, hurdlers must gain as much momentum as possible to get their entire body properly over the hurdle so that they can land and continue running. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will help by adding tension through resistance for exploding off the ground to get over the hurdles, as well as increasing speed and momentum. If a runners steps are not correct they will not be able to jump the hurdle, leading with the proper foot, and will end up stutter stepping. The mental stability of a hurdler is necessary so they never hesitate or slow down because of fear. Hurdlers must lean forward and use the power in their legs to elevate their body. Hurdling uses the entire body because the runners use their arms and upper body to give them power during the takeoff. The front leg is used to get the runner up, as a pulling agent to jump over the hurdle.

Hurdle Transition Phase:

The transition in hurdling is when the hurdler touches down on the ground after clearing a hurdle. Landing on the other side of the hurdle takes full body strength and control to keep from falling or tripping. When the back leg clears the hurdle, the front foot is touching down with the back leg quick to follow. The hurdler needs to be able to use a whipping motion to force the back leg down faster. When landing on one foot, it is very important to maintain a strong lower body and core. The Myosource Kinetic Bands develop strong and powerful muscles for quick muscle contractions and strength in the legs, the core, and the upper body.  Hurdlers need full body strength to go from the elevated position, to landing on one foot, and immediately going into a sprint again.

Touch Down Phase:

Touching down is where the hurdlers first foot hits the ground and they are ready to start running again to the next hurdle. As soon as the front leg hits the ground, the touchdown has begun and sprinting is put back into motion. The front foot and leg take the force of the entire body during the touchdown. This landing is crucial because if the hurdler is too far forward on their front leg, they are more likely to trip or fall. Hurdlers need to make sure their foot is up and their body is just behind their foot when landing. The faster the back leg is able to whip over and come down, the greater speed the hurdler will have.


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