Basketball Forwards

The most complex and versatile position on the basketball court is without a doubt the forward position. Whether playing the small or power varieties of the position, the basketball player is required to essentially bridge the gap between the guards and the center. Guards tend to be well accomplished at dribbling, passing, and speed, while Centers often must be well adapted with an arsenal of moves, rebounding abilities, and defense close to the basket. Forwards, however, are expected to essentially do all of these responsibilities and more. Basketball forwards must accompany their teammates with skills for close to the basket combat, while simultaneously being able to switch positions in an instant. Take LeBron James and Kevin Durant for example, both of which led their teams to the NBA finals in 2012 and an Olympic gold medal in the 2012 games. What makes them light years ahead of their competition is their versatility and agility, having the ability to shift roles in an instant with the skill set to demolish their opponents in any facet of competition.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great training tool for increasing strength, agility, mobility, flexibility, lateral movements, jumping height, and speed.

Become a Better Basketball Forward using Resistance Bands

Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Bands) are the perfect piece of training equipment to help a forward become a dual threat, extending his or her abilities. The Kinetic Bands increase the resistance on the muscles throughout the entire lower body, applying resistance to each movement. The Bands do not limit the athlete's movements, so basketball players including forwards are able to train in the resistance just like they play during a game. When the Bands are removed, basketball specific motions become more fluid, making it easier to perform. The bands can also improve the players ability to perform around the basket in close quarters. The resistance on the quads and hamstrings, make moves such as the drop step and shot fake much more effective. This also helps develop the muscle endurance required to perform at the peak of one’s ability throughout the entire game.

Basketball forwards must defend and attack with versatility and agility not commonly seen in those playing the other positions on the court. The Kinetic Bands will help improve the performance of the forward on both ends of the court and increase the abilities of all aspects required by this position.

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