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In order to rock as a basketball center, or at any position for that matter, sports specific training is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, we offer a variety of revolutionary training products that are designed to assist athletes who wish to progress in their sport. The importance of sports specific conditioning and the awesome opportunity our training aids provide athletes for achieving fast and safe gains will be discussed in greater detail below. But first, lets cover a little history and what it takes to be a successful basketball center.

Role of Center

The center is the fifth position on the floor and is often referred to as a big man or post player. Since James Naismith invented the game of basketball in the late 1800’s; the position of basketball center has been the premiere and most coveted role on the court. Perhaps no player is more important than the basketball center in terms of making result happen. The player in this position is relied upon at both ends of the court. On offense, the center is counted on for high-percentage shots and must be able to score inside, or close to the basket. While on defense, the center must be able to block shots and prevent the opposing team from making easy baskets. Basketball centers stand between an opponent and two points, making them the most important defender on the floor. To sum it up, basketball centers are the last line of defense and, often, a team's best chance on offense. Being the most physical position on the court makes it important for basketball players who take on this role to be fit and tough. To dominate this position, centers need to take care of business away from the court. In order to be in tiptop shape, focused training is mandatory.

Ideal Player for Basketball Center

Players in this position do most of their work near the basket and are typically skilled at shooting layups, gathering rebounds, contesting shots and setting screen on plays. Physical stature is an important element when considering the skills required for this position to be successful. Traditionally, the tallest team member fulfills the role. Those who teeter head and shoulders above the rest have long dominated it, with most NBA centers being close to seven feet in height, if not taller. If a team has the tallest and most talented basketball center they usually prevail above the competition. This cliché is as old as the game itself. However, finding players of this nature is hard and rare. Due to the scarcity of players possessing a combination of ideal height, great skill and durability, players whom would normally be classified as power forwards are often called upon to take on the role of center. This transition provides that a power forward’s defensive skill on the court gives leeway for dominating other basketball positions, including center. It also provides that each position in basketball can be thought of as a role. Although, it is important to keep in mind that these roles can become hybrids when each player is required to play two or more positions at one time. This is due to the nature of the sport where players move around the court and play flexibly, doing what is needed in a given situation.

Basketball Center Skills

Basketball centers who wish to dominate their position need to be physically domineering and possess great athleticism overall. On offense, the centers goal is to be open for passes and shooting. They are required to block defenders, and open other players up for driving towards the basket to make a goal. Centers are expected to dominate offensive rebounds and put-backs. Therefore, the team player that takes on center should be good at making quick jump shots, hook shots, and using the backboard on shots. On defense, the centers main responsibility is to keep opponents from shooting by blocking shots and passes in the key area. They also are expected to get more rebounds because they're taller. However, to be an effective center one must possess not only the height to play the position, but most importantly the footwork, muscle strength, and power to be efficient in both offense and defense. This can be achieved through sports-specific training and a solid body conditioning routine.

Training for Basketball Center with Kinetic Bands

Players who have found the most success as center find the biggest key to their triumphs relies greatly on their endurance and footwork proficiency. Regardless of position, the cardio and muscular endurance required to constantly run up and down the court can be the most taxing aspect of basketball. Remaining in a low, wide position for long periods of time is extremely draining on the body. In addition to the physically exhausting nature of the sport, centers need to be able to receive the ball with their back to the basket using quick pivots to hit a variety of short jumpers, hook shots, and dunks. With this in mind, the bodies’ ability to outlive all four quarters of a game without hitting exhaustion paired with strong footwork is the difference between frustrating an opponent and giving up easy points all game long.

Basketball players seeking to improve their athletic prowess as center look to our Kinetic Bands, or lower body resistance bands, for help. Without any judgment to preliminary talent, basketball centers can target and train the muscles of the legs hips and core for a stronger foundation, advanced defensive endurance, heightened coordination, footwork precision and optimal performance on the court overall. Strapping on the bands just above the knees, players can perform drills and movements specific for conquering the skills they need to dominate on the court. In no time, players will experience the difference between a big win and a heartbreaking loss, as they are more capable of finishing every play, crashing the glass consistently, grabbing caroms and giving their team crucial possessions.

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