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A great way to improve one’s basketball defensive prowess is with resistance training using Myosource Kinetic Bands. The bands provide the resistance that activates the muscles in the legs, hips and core to exert more power when training. This allows them to propel and move quickly with agility and mobility when the bands are not in use. This tool is perfect for improving the basketball defensive position ideal for on the ball defending, as well as improving the endurance and stamina of the player.

Some of the most common basketball defensive drills are wall sits and cone to cone shuffle drills. The Myosource Kinetic Bands assist in improving the overall effectiveness for both beginners and seasoned veterans, as well as across all ages of basketball participants.

The bands will place resistance on the hips and glutes as they sit against the wall. Not allowing their knees to move too closely or too far apart helps keep them in the ideal position for training the muscles in the legs to create a mindset of playing defense with the lower half of the body. Lateral agility and stamina are two of the greatest tools to playing defense effectively. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great tool for increasing both.

The common back and forth cone shuffle drill is great for improving on the ball defense and is an efficient drill to show an improved performance provided by the bands. The bands make it more difficult when shuffling, making them the perfect tool to increase agility and stamina. The bands also allow for lateral agility to improve as they place a heightened tension on the muscles when training, making defending without the bands seem easier.

Defense in basketball is an integral part of the game that is often overlooked, but ask any coach, player, or educated fan and they will tell you it’s truly how the game is both won and lost. The focus is generally put on the offensive end, as the basketball players want to blow by the defender for an easy layup. What often occurs is a lack of stamina and agility on the defensive end, allowing the opposing team to score easily. Only one player out of the five on the offensive team can have the ball at any time, but all five players on defense must defend in unison in order to achieve success and prove triumphant on the scoreboard.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great way to improve the agility and mobility of players as they provide ample resistance when training the body to have the stamina to perform in the fourth quarter with the same intensity as in the first.  If you are looking to improve your performance , consider using the Myosource Kinetic Bands to improve your game in all facets. When watching an NBA or college basketball game, spectators are routinely in awe of the high flying acrobatic dunks and aerial assaults performed by the players as if gravity was only a minor inconvenience. While it’s true that points are scored on the offensive end, preventing the opposition from doing so is every bit as important in the game of basketball as shooting, passing and dribbling. Players such as Bruce Bowen, Ron Meta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest), and Dennis Rodman made their names in the NBA game on the defensive end of the court with exceptional lateral agility and stamina. These players proved their teams didn’t need more offensive firepower, but an impressive on the ball defender to assist in shutting down the other team’s best offensive threat. They adapted their games to focus on reading the opposing players body language, responding in a split second to their moves and countering them with quick reaction.

The Myosource Kinetic Bands will also enable basketball players to train to increase their quick first step, reaction time and stamina for incredible on the ball defense.

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