Basketball Rebounding

Basketball coaches are always on the lookout for players that can rebound the basketball with precision and ease. Height and the ability to jump are two of the most obvious advantages for basketball rebounding. It also takes active anticipation for missed shots paired with the physical ability to get to the basketball first. Often, players will just stand there because the basketball seems to be out of their area, but rebounders who excel to the next level are the ones who go after the basketball no matter where it is. It is important for basketball players to find ways to get the upper edge over an opposing team and rebounds are just the trick. The goal is very simple then- get to the basketball before the opposing team. The issue that many young basketball players have is waiting too long before they start moving. The neglect to move or withstand taking action is a really fool-proof way for basketball players to hinder rebound potential. Game-defying rebounders begin moving as soon as a shooter takes their shot. Quick reactions combined with the ability to stay in control make being the first one to touch the basketball while boxing out feasible.

Improve Rebounds

Kinetic bands help support basketball players looking to increase their jump height for refined rebounds. Wearing the lower body resistance bands during height drills, as well as footwork drills, is a functional way for basketball players to build the fast-twitch muscle fibers required to quickly get into the position for grabbing missed shots. Basketball players who use the Kinetic Bands will take their rebounding height to new levels, literally.

Training for Basketball Rebounds with Kinetic Bands

Athleticism Required

Rebounding the basketball is never an easy task. It takes a lot of energy for a basketball player to jump in the air several times, while struggling to get a hold of the basketball with the added pressure of either landing then going back up to make a basket, or taking off to the other end of the court. All of these things require focus and concentration. That is why it is so important for the basketball players to be physically prepared beforehand.

Maximize Training

Kinetic Bands challenge basketball players to use resistance while practicing. This gives basketball players the opportunity to mimic specific skills and act out game time plays while also reaping the benefits of resistance training. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right? The bands allow basketball players to use their own body weight to build muscle strength and increase their capacity to move laterally, forward, backward, and upward with power and balance. When a basketball player is strong and has quick muscle fibers they are much more prepared to get into position to make rebounds. Little things like not getting too far under the basket or too far away from the basket are critical in this skill. This is why is it crucial for the techniques of basketball rebounding to become second nature.

Prevent Injuries

Basketball players that are not afraid to be physical are generally the ones making a majority of the rebounds. Participating in skilled training with the Kinetic Bands cultivates intense muscle actions throughout the entire body, which is essential for basketball players to be great rebounders. Tension in the knees and ankles when jumping and landing is often the reason basketball players find themselves injured. Kinetic Bands were designed to stretch, pull, and flex the muscles in order to create muscle elasticity, while building muscle strength to endure and sustain the pressure of landing jumps. Basketball players will produce the muscles for jumping and moving laterally with explosiveness with the added bonus of doing so in a way that also reduces the chance of an injury occurring.

For improving jump height, attaining a respectable rebound or bettering other various basketball skills, be sure to take advantage of videos, drills and informative articles provided under the Basketball Conditioning section of our site.

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