Basketball Footwork With Ladder Drills

In this video training segment we will be using basketball ladder drills to improve basketball footwork, foot speed, and the ability to maintain good body position anywhere on the court.

How Basketball Ladder Drills Can Improve Footwork

Ladder drills are extremely important in basketball training because they give us a chance to work on so many different areas of athletic development, while providing an opportunity to mix things up and have some fun.

As you watch the drills in this video, you can see how we are able to target so many different training elements in a short period of time, such as footwork, coordination, balance, concentration, multi-directional movement, and hip development. We have also added the basketball and reverse direction to our ladder drills.

Carrying the basketball while performing the ladder drills forces the athletes to do a better job of keeping the hips in line, plus we want to work on keeping the head up so we can see and anticipate the action on the court. Athletes tend to keep their head down, watching their footwork, throughout the entire drill, which we want to avoid.

The reverse or backwards sequence requires much more focus and concentration in order to keep the feet moving and maintain good body form and position.

We want to complete each ladder drill sequence by moving right into a basketball move, incorporating passing, receiving a pass, controlled cuts, and picking up a loose ball on the floor and taking it to the basket.

These basketball players are maximizing their training results by wearing the Myosource Kinetic Bands (leg resistance bands), combining skill development with speed, strength, and conditioning training. The Kinetic Bands help develop leg, hip, and core strength, enhancing their ability to develop great footwork, including quick feet and movement on the court.

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