Volleyball Strength and Conditioning

Effective volleyball training should include all aspects of physical conditioning: skill development, flexibility, cardio endurance, muscle strength and endurance. Spending ample time training in each of these areas is paramount to a volleyball player reaching their full potential on the court. While a player may have the drive and desire to be as good at the end of a set as they are at the beginning, a weak and unconditioned body can limit their ability to perform.

Volleyball Conditioning

Myosource Kinetic Bands are a great strength and conditioning tool that helps volleyball players enhance their training and maximize valuable practice time. The Kinetic Bands provide resistance and are worn just above the knees during volleyball conditioning drills and skills training; allowing a player to move freely in all directions so they can improve flexibility and increase muscular strength and endurance at the same time they work to develop their volleyball skills. Another benefit of adding resistance to your volleyball conditioning is the great cardiovascular workout it provides. Increasing cardiovascular endurance will help keep a player from becoming winded so they’ll have the stamina to finish a game at a high performance level.

Volleyball Conditioning Drills

The conditioning drills in this video are just a few of many that volleyball players can perform to develop lower body strength while building the endurance needed to compete throughout the entire match. Follow this video and perform each drill 3-4 times resisted (with and 2-3 times un-resisted. The drills below should all be performed in a forward and backward motion. Moving backward challenges the athlete to stay focused and improve concentration while activating often neglected muscle groups and requiring the athlete to work in a multidirectional manor.

Spiderman Crawl

This drill works the entire body. As the Kinetic Bands aid to fire the muscles in the lower body, the arms, shoulders and back will be challenged simultaneously in the upper body. To perform this exercise, begin by assuming a push up position. Focus on even weight distribution throughout the entire body, keeping your back as flat as possible by engaging the core muscles. Continue focusing on weight distribution as the foot comes forward, extending the foot as far forward as possible escalating the strength and flexibility in the hip flexors.

Cross Over Push Ups

Ideal for building strength in the upper body, including shoulders, back, arms, and core while the Kinetic Bands are activating the Glutes and Hips. The leg cross over and lateral movement creates an additional dimension of strength by challenging the volleyball player to develop the aptitude necessary in order to hold their body weight off the ground throughout the entire exercise. The athlete will also generate supplemental balance and body control.

Duck Walk

Stay low and "in the resistance" during this exercise to fire the quads, glutes and hips. As you move forward, sit back in the glutes for the best results.

Side Lunge

Helps strengthen and stretch the hip flexors. Stay low and extend the foot attached to leg in the lunge position to the point where you feel the resistance. Focus on furthering the extension to work towards greater flexibility and range of motion.

Skater Drills

Ignites the fast twitch muscle fibers to drive explosive power and evolve volleyball player’s equilibrium for enhanced body control. The key to a successful Skater Drill is to explode with the outside foot, land on the opposite foot, stop to maintain balance and explode again off the landed foot. The first segment should be to explode and land working on strength and balance. The second segment should be all about exploding at maximum speed with as little down time as possible.

Knee Drives

A smooth and rapid plyometric exercise geared to increase leg strength and build cardio endurance. Perform the knee drive by stepping up on a bench or platform driving the knee as high as possible, stepping back down and alternating legs.

Bench Jump and Toe Taps

An additional plyometric jump exercise for leg strength, balance and stamina. This exercise should also be performed at maximum speed to maintain safety by focusing on balance. The first segment should jump up on to the bench with both feet together, tapping the bench and back down repeating as fast as possible. The toe tap is alternating feet; tapping quickly, back down and right back up with the opposite foot.

Effective volleyball training should include time for developing volleyball skills with an emphasis on an excellent combination of strength, pliability, and elasticity. Conditioning and strength building promote prowess and enhanced performance, which are paramount for a volleyball player to reach their full potential on the court.

Volleyball Upper Body Strength

Volleyball players need powerful arms when spiking the ball. The stronger a player’s upper body is, the more able they are to hit the volleyball rapidly and firmly. In addition, to prepare for the shock that occurs at the shoulder joints throughout the season, it is crucial to incorporate exercises that provide the player with the strength they need for multi-directional stability of the shoulders. For instance, each time a volleyball player swings and contacts the volleyball, that's one more repetition that needs to be balanced with good shoulder stability. Therefore, volleyball players with strong shoulders will be more resilient to injuries and better equipped for superior performance on the court.

Strength Training Exercises With Suspension Straps

This video is a demonstration of our upper body strength training exercises for volleyball players, which are geared to target and strengthen the back, shoulders, and arms. The solidifying drills in this video are performed with our suspension trainer (a.k.a. KineticRT Suspension Straps) which allows volleyball players to strengthen targeted areas using their own body weight. Performing bodyweight exercises with suspension straps provides volleyball players with an amplified strengthening workout for their upper body.

KineticRT Suspension Straps can be used at home or in the gym, which is an added benefit for those dedicated athletes seeking additional strength building outside of practice. In addition, volleyball coaches often use them as a training station during group practices.

We recommend performing 2-4 sets of each of the following exercises, with 8-12 reps per set, depending on the volleyball player’s level of training. Rest 15-30 seconds between sets. An alternative method for advanced strength training is to perform each set until failure, meaning the player will perform as many reps as possible until they no longer have the strength to do any more.

Inverted Row

Develops strength in back, shoulders, and bi-ceps. Keep the body in a nice straight line as you pull your body up through the handles.

Reverse Fly

Improves posture by strengthening the upper back and shoulders. Again, keep the body nice and straight. Tighten the midsection and push chest out while attempting to squeeze the shoulder blades together. Keep arms bent at 90-degree angle, bringing them parallel with the body and then back together.

Suspended Chest Press

An inclined push up to strengthen the chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and abs. Keep the body straight and abs tight as you lower your chest toward, but not beyond, your hands and then back to starting position. Repeat as many times as possible.

Suspended Chest Fly (Pec Fly)

Also aimed towards strengthening the chest muscles, biceps, shoulders and abs. Much like the suspended chest press, begin with the elbows slightly below shoulder height, but with the hands extended past the elbows. The targeted muscle groups will be challenged as you attempt to bring your together and back out again, in a simulated flying motion. Tricep Extension Fortifies the triceps (back of your arms). Keep body inclined and straight with the arms extended and the straps over the head. Notice how her arms form a 90-degree angle as she leans into it. Stronger triceps will help her hit with power.

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