Volleyball Digging

Volleyball digging is essential for having a successful defense. The job of a volleyball digger is to prevent the ball from hitting the floor after being spiked by the opposing team. To dig, the volleyball players must anticipate the spike and be prepared to quickly dive in any direction. Volleyball players with quick contracting muscles are able to move faster, using their strength and flexibility to get low to the ground in order to dig out a hard hit. Volleyball diggers must be able to move laterally, forward, and backward explosively at full range of motion.

Volleyball Digging Concepts and Tips

It is extremely important for a volleyball digger to be able to read the opposing team's movements in order to know where the ball will be hit and which areas they need to cover. As a volleyball digger progresses, they learn how to successfully study their opponents to know what shots they like to use, allowing them to be prepared ahead of time.

Volleyball Digging

The Myosource Kinetic Bands provide resistance for volleyball diggers to build the muscle strength and flexibility needed for bending, twisting, turning, and diving. When a volleyball player moves, the resistance bands cause the muscles to contract, increasing endurance, flexibility, balance, body control, and strength. All of these areas are essential for a digger to be able to move in multiple directions quickly and efficiently. The kinetic bands provide resistance throught a volleyball player's entire warm up, stretching, practice routine, or pregame preporation, offering a simple way to increase mobility and target more muscles in the body.

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