Volleyball Warm Up

This warm up segment for volleyball players is dynamic; focusing on stretching and warming up the muscles using resistance bands. Adding resistance with Kinetic Bands is an effective way to help a player prepare for volleyball specific movements and help develop better range of motion with dynamic flexibility. The key to executing a dynamic warm-up is to endeavor through the resistance at a steady, slow pace, stimulating the nervous system, activating the muscles and predisposing the body to hit the next phase of training at an optimal level.

Video Description For Volleyball Dynamic Warm Up:

This video is a demonstration of one of our specialized dynamic warm-ups using the Myosource Kinetic Bands. The exercises in this video are intended to teach the volleyball players body to move more safely, efficiently and powerfully. In this particular video, the volleyball player is performing a series of dynamic flexibility exercises to loosen and ignite her body properly. By adding an extra dimension of resistance to each movement, the muscles in the legs, hips, glutes and core are targeted and substantially challenged as she performs the following exercises that are discussed in further detail below: Side Lunge, Bird Feeder, Squat Knee Ups, Running Knee Ups and Toy Soldiers.

Perform each of the exercises in this video one time through with 8-10 resisted sets to properly prepare the athlete for the next phase of training. During the Dynamic Warm-Up phase, we like to challenge the athlete by repeating the applicable exercises in a backward motion as well. Performing these exercises going backwards requires more focus and concentration geared to improve balance.

Side Lunge

Focuses on range of motion while targeting the groin, hamstrings and glutes. Make sure to drop the hips back and do not let the knees extend over the toes. We also want to perform this exercise going to the right and then back to the left. At the completion of the first phase we want to come back facing the same direction, making sure that we rock to the left and then back to the right.

Bird Feeder Exercise

Utilizes the hamstrings and glutes. Make sure to bend the knees slightly on the down leg and keep the up leg straight to target the hamstrings. Pause at the top to maximize the benefits of stretching the hamstrings while firing the glutes simultaneously, amplifying volleyball player’s balance and body control.

Squat Knee Ups

Targets the quads, glutes and hip flexors. During this exercise the athlete should drive the knee straight up through the resistance to a 90-degree angle or beyond and avoid bringing the leg across the body. Again, the knees should not extend over the toes and the best results will come by dropping the hips back.

Running Knee Ups

Enhances speed and improves range of motion by targeting the quads, glutes and hip flexors. This drill should be done at a medium level; keeping in mind this is a warm-up.

Toy Soldiers

Focuses on increasing range of motion, flexibility and balance through firing of the hamstrings. Players should take their right foot straight up to the right hand, followed by taking their left foot straight up to the left hand, further challenging themselves by kicking as high as possible while maintaining balance and stability.

By performing these exercises in a smooth and consistent motion with the Myosource Kinetic Bands, volleyball players will have prepared their entire body for the potential rigors endured while performing any activities during a practice training session or competition.

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