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Football Quarterback - Lower body Strength:

A football quarterback needs an explosive lower body for running, scrambling, leaning, twisting, and especially for staying on his feet. Stability, mobility, flexibility, and agility in the lower body are essential aspects of a great quarterback. If a quarterback does not have the lower body strength to stay on his feet and get away from the defense he will struggle to keep the play alive and avoid a sack. The calves, hamstrings, thighs and hips have to be powerful and strong to be able to tuck the ball and run or change directions on a dime. Myosource Kinetic bands will enable a football quarterback to build the lower body by producing the explosive strength they need. Resistance training increases the fast twitch muscle speed so a football quarterback’s muscles contract quickly. The quicker the fast twitch muscles are the faster they contract which increases speed. A football quarterback can practice in Myosource Kinetic Bands while working at 100%. Practice how you want to play in Myosource Kinetic Bands and reach your goals in a shorter period of time.

Football Quarterback – Core Strength:

Not only does a football quarterback need a strong upper body for throwing and sustaining hard hits but he must also have a strong core. The back, abs, hips, and glutes are essential for a football quarterbacks durability as well as throwing velocity and speed. Myosource Kinetic bands are great for adding resistance to a quarterback’s workouts to build hip flexor strength and overall core explosiveness. A quarterbacks hip flexors go through rigorous movements and have to be powerful and explosive. Start training the core right with Myosource Kinetic Bands and take quarterback skills and abilities to the next level to beat out the competition. There is no time like the present. Train the right way to succeed as a football quarterback.

Football Quarterback – Upper Body Strength:

The upper body has to be exceptionally strong for a football quarterback to be able to pass the ball with velocity, speed, and accuracy. Your shoulders, arms, and hands need quick muscle reactions to contract fast when throwing the football. Myosource Kinetic bands training and workouts will enhance a football quarterback’s ability to throw on target with the speed and accuracy to get the ball to the receiver much quicker.

Quarterback passing:

Football offensive plays are placed into two main categories – passing and running. In order for a football quarterback to be successful he must be able to throw passes that are powerful and on target. Having a high passing completion record depends on a football quarterbacks ability to adjust to defensive coverage, throw to receivers on the run as well as adjust to throwing to a teammate who is open vs. the one the play is designed to go to. A football quarterback has to be able to make decisions on the spot when things do not go as planned. Throwing into coverage takes precise accuracy and velocity A football quarterback also has to worry about getting a pass off before getting sacked. Timing is essential and sometimes requires a quarterback to switch to a dump pass or throw the ball out of bounds to prevent being sacked. He must be able to read the entire field and make split second do or don’t passing decisions. Myosource Upper Body Kinetic Bands are a great tool to use resistance training to build upper body passing strength. A football quarterback must have fast twitch muscles in order to have the strength, flexibility, stability, and mobility to throw with accuracy and power. The bands are great for working the rotator cuffs to prevent injury and to throw in full range of motion. Myosource Kinetic Bands will build strength in the shoulders and arms so a football quarterback has the muscle strength to prevent dropping his elbow when throwing a pass. Keeping the elbow up will help a quarterback with accuracy and velocity.

Quarterback Running:

How important is it for a football quarterback to be able to run the ball? Running the football as a quarterback takes great vision and the ability to take advantage of openings on the football field. There are times when a football quarterback has to seize the opportunity to take off and run with the football because his receivers are not open, the play calls for him to run, or something happens and he is unable to hand the ball off. A football quarterback needs quick feet. Quick feet are needed for great lateral moves, drop steps, and scrambling. The quicker quarterback’s feet are the better he will be able to run the ball or scramble to get away. Myosource Kinetic Bands were designed to put tension on the muscles so that they contract quicker for increased speed, power, strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Quarterbacks need quick contracting muscles for the variety of moves and positions they are in.

In little league most boys want to be the quarterback of their football team. Every football team centers on the skills and abilities of their quarterback to thow on target, scramble, get out of a jam, throw the ball away when necessary, and run to gain yards or score. A football team’s quarterback is the one in charge of the offense by relaying the plays to his offensive teammates and keeping his teammates motivated and focused. It takes above average physical and mental stability and skills to be a great football quarterback. Often a quarterback will be assigned a throwing play and find that none of his receivers are open and have to change the play on the spot or take off running with the football. A football quarterback is the voice and must be able to lead their offense with their physical skill and communication expertise. Remaining humble and coachable is the difference in being a good quarterback and becoming a great quarterback. If two quarterbacks are nearly equal in skill a coach will generally go with the quarterback who is able to show leadership to motivate his teammates while he remains stable and focused. Become explosive running, scambling, and throwing the football. Train to be a successful quarterback with Myosource Kinetic Bands.

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