Running Back

The Thrill of Being a Running Back

Football Running Backs make big plays to gain yards and first downs, as well as score points. By increasing flexibility, mobility, durability, and agility throughout the body, a running back will be able to produce better moves and gain more yards.

Myosource provides a number of great football training videos that utilize the Myosource Kinetic Bands to build the necessary muscles needed for improved footwork, quick feet, and lateral movements. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will provide the resistance that football running backs need to build fast twitch muscles that contract and react quickly for muscle durability, strength, and speed.

Running Back Speed:

Running backs need to have speed and explosive power for straight-ahead running, as well as cuts, pivots, and jukes. A football running back must be able to break away and use this speed to get past defenders. This position also requires the player to have powerful leg drive to run through holes that are partially blocked and outstretched arms of defenders trying to make a tackle.

Running Back Durability:

When a football running back has strength and durability, they are able to blast through holes and even blockers, as well as take some of the sting out of being tackled by using force to dominate the defender. Running backs must also be prepared to block and pick up a blitzing linebacker.

Running Back Lower Body Strength:

A football running back spends a lot of time running and driving the knees, legs, and feet forward to gain a few extra yards. The quads, glutes, and hips have to be strong and powerful to push through the bodies of defenders that are bigger and heavier during a tackle.

Running Back Core Strength:

Running backs often take hits from the defense that most other offensive players do not have to endure. The core provides the strength needed to push through an opponent when blocking, as well as the endurance to sustain hard hits and tackles. The player's core needs energy and strength to absorb the contact made by defenders coming at full speed and strength.

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