Football Kicks and Punts

Building Leg Strength To Kick The Football Farther

A successful football kicker or punter must have strong quads, hamstrings, hips, hip flexors and glutes, as well as the key components of power, accuracy, and distance. The more flexible, balanced, and accurate a kicker is, the more effective their kicking skills will become on the football field. Using Myosource Kinetic Bands while you practice your punts and kicks, will help you build leg strength, improve flexibility, balance, and leg drive which can help you kick the football farther and higher.

Football kickers must be able to put a spiral on the punts and build up hang-time as they progress. Kickers must also be able to punt the ball high into the air so that it comes down at the proper time and in the desired location on the field.

Watch the punters during an NFL football game and it's easy to see the great amount of flexibility, strength, and quickness they have in their kicking leg. Football kickers can easily strengthen not only their kicking leg, but their entire lower body and core by wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands while they practice.

Since resistance training with Kinetic Bands allows for full range of motion, kickers can improve their strength and overall level of fitness at the same time they work to improve the distance and accuracy of their kicks and punts. Myosource Kinetic Bands can be used by punters and kickers during the dynamic warm-up and all areas of training.

Football Kicking & Punting Drills

The great thing about training with leg resistance bands like Kinetic Bands is that you can reap the benefits and maximize your training efforts by just wearing them while you perform your normal football drills and/or workout routines. Here are a few suggested drills to get you started.

Football Punting Practice With Myosource Kinetic Bands:

  1. Put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands.
  2. Stretch and warm up to get the legs and body prepared for the stress and intensity of practicing the punts.
  3. To warm up, swing the punting leg forwards and backwards to get the leg and foot as high as possible. Make sure to switch legs and warm up the non-punting leg as well.
  4. Hold the football with both hands out in front of the body with the football laces facing upward.
  5. Punters who kick with the right foot will put the right hand on the back right side of the football and the left hand on the left side towards the front.
  6. Turn the football to the left to make contact on the outside.
  7. Take a step with the left foot, planting it firmly on the ground for stability and balance.
  8. Swing the right leg through to strike the football. When the foot is about to strike the ball, the left hand comes off the football. When the right foot swings from back behind the body and passes the left leg, the punter will lower the football while angling the body to strike it when it is parallel to the ground.
  9. Follow through with the right foot and leg after striking the football.

Football punters must focus on technique and form in order to produce a high spiral with great hang time, as well as reaching the intended direction and distance.

Football Punting Speed Drill With Myosource Kinetic Bands:

  1. Put on the Myosource Kinetic Bands.
  2. Get into the proper position to punt the football.
  3. Have two or more players or coaches snap the football so that the punter has no idea which one of them will snap the ball each time.
  4. The players snapping the ball will then get up out of the position, turn around, and put pressure on the punter.

This is a very difficult drill because the football is coming from an unknown direction and pressure is quickly put on the punter.

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