Offensive Line

O-Line Dominance

O-Line dominance requires football lineman to be smart and make decisions quickly, as well as have great balance, flexibility, speed, endurance, and proper footwork. The strength and skill level of an offensive linemen are necessities in order to block effectively. Most people think size is the greatest quality, but bigger is not always better. An offensive lineman must develop explosive power, lateral quickness, and the ability to maintain proper body position between them and the ball carrier to play this position successfully.

Offensive Line Strength

Football Offensive Lineman need leverage. What is leverage? Leverage is having the strength and balance to push another player's body while building momentum and speed. An offensive lineman must have the lower body strength and leverage to stay low and drive the legs forward to push the opponent back or out of the way of the ball carrier. In the video below, Rick Siglar explains how O-Line players need leverage to block a bigger opposing player.

Offensive Lineman - Lower Body Strength

In order for an offensive lineman to drive back a defender, they must have strength in the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, and hip flexors. Football offensive linemen can utilize the Myosource Kinetic Bands during warm ups, stretches, practices, and pregame preparations. The kinetic bands can also be used during all other phases of training, such as ladder drills, blocking drills, strengthening drills, and O-line specific drills.

Offensive Lineman - Core Strength

Core strength is essential for offensive lineman. Without a powerful and strong core, football offensive linemen will not be able to maximize their playing ability. It is difficult to maximize strength and speed if the core is weak because the core is the center of gravity where body movements start. The core must be strong and stable in order to move an opponent in the direction of choice. Utilize the Myosource Kinetic Bands during any normal core training exercises to become a more powerful offensive lineman.

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