Football Speed

Increase Football Speed to Make Big Plays

Football is a game of speed; resistance training with Kinetic Bands can help football players increase sprint speed and reduce their 40 time. Whether you are an offensive, defensive, or special teams player, football speed is important to create or defend big plays. Football is often a game of inches and players need good foot speed, explosive strength and powerful movements to make those big plays.

Myosource Kinetic Bands provide resistance to make the fast twitch muscles contract and react quicker to increase football speed. Training with Kinetic Bands will enhance a football player’s regular workout routine to improve muscle activation; working the quads, glutes, hips, hip flexors, and hamstrings to help develop powerful and explosive movements. Myosource offers a variety of speed training videos that will help football players successfully increase their sprint speed, lateral movements, quick feet, and multi-directional movement.

Hip and Hip Flexor Strength Affect Speed

Football players spend a lot of time in motion, so they must be able to run with power and change directions quickly and sharply. In order to increase speed, it is vital to strengthen the hip and hip flexors. The hips are considered the core’s rotator muscles and have to be able to flex and extend. Football players with strong hip flexors are more likely to have the ability to run faster and change direction quickly.

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