Become the Safety No One Gets By

Playing the position of safety is not an easy task. A football safety has to be fast in order to cover the offensive wide receivers and have the strength to make great tackles. These players must have strong knees and hip flexors for all the pivoting, running, and lateral movements they are called on to perform. Safety's use a starting position where the feet are apart, the strong sided foot is in front, the knees are slightly bent, and the body weight is shifted forward, allowing them to see all over the field.

A football safety will greatly improve any skills and techniques by working out and practicing in the Myosource Kinetic Bands. Using the bands will help a safety master tackling techniques and produce muscle balance optimization. The Myosource Kinetic Bands are used by football players all over to maximize muscle strength, leverage, force, speed, and velocity through quick muscle reactors. The resistance causes the muscles to contract and the faster they contract, the faster a safety will be. A football safety that uses the Myosource Kinetic Bands for stretching and practicing will increase the ability to gain momentum and accelerate.

Football Strong Safety

A football strong safety is aggressive and excessively physical. They must possess great footwork, quick feet, speed, and tackling strength to make routine and out of the ordinary plays. A strong safety will sometimes rush and support the rest of the defense in stopping a run. The strong safety must have the ability to read the offense and determine whether the offensive play will be a passing or running play. Great lateral movements are key to being able to drop back for the zone or to stop a running play. Forcing the run inside will prevent a running back from getting outside and gaining extra yards.

Football Free Safety

A football free safety must have excessive speed and tackling skills to get to whoever has the football, as well as the ability to anticipate formations. This player must be positioned where he can successfully stop a running play but still be far enough out to cover a deep pass. The free safety is also the clean up man. This is because he is out there alone to take care of any offensive player that gets past the rest of his defense. A football free safety usually is called upon to cover more ground on a football field than any other defensive football player.

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