ArmPro Bands (Baseball/Softball Pitching/Throwing Aid)

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ArmPro Bands for softball and baseball strength training. Available in 3 Colors/Levels. Now includes door mount with d-ring!

Arm Pro bands are a valuable exercise and resistance training tool for softball & baseball players who want to increase velocity, distance and accuracy, improve arm strength, endurance, and recovery speed. Our arm strengthening resistance bands can help ball players increase rotational speed and strengthen their rotator cuff to safely improve pitching, throwing, and batting. They are affordable and easy to use and should be an important component to baseball & softball player development.

ArmPro Bands are designed for multiple uses; such as a pregame or practice warm up routine to strengthen the rotator cuff muscle group, scapular muscle complex and rotational mechanics. They are also recommended for athletes of other sports who require good arm strength, such as Football Quarterbacks, Volleyball and Basketball players.

The ArmPro is an effective ingredient in a player's workout protocol and uses resistance to provide exceptional results. We have created an opportunity for athletes to incorporate the ArmPro into every major aspect of their development. Using resistance like the ArmPro Bands in your training can contribute to increased arm speed, injury prevention and can assist in strength and power generation.

The ArmPro bands and its complete workout system is dedicated to the production of great athletes.


  • 1-Dual Arm Resistance Band
  • 2-Comfortable Wrist Cuffs
  • 1-Velcro Anchor Strap for Easy Attachment to a Pole or Beam
  • 1-Door Stop/Mount
  • 1-Handy Mesh Travel Bag

Available in 3 Levels -

Youth (Green) - Recommended for ages 12 & under
Advanced (Red) - Recommended for High School aged athletes and Travel Teams
Elite (Blue) - Recommended for College and Pro Level Athletes

Improve Arm and Shoulder Strength and Rotational Speed in Baseball

Strengthen the Rotator Cuff and Reduce the Risk of Injuries in Softball


"The armpro bands are so essential for my students and myself. I am a professional athlete and constantly need to train to better myself and keep myself in shape. The armpro bands help me do that while also helping me stretch my sore muscles when I put them through too much stress. During my season the bands helped me get loose and ready to pitch the way I needed to. I have recently started using the bands for my students that I teach. I use the bands to help with strengthening the shoulders of my pitchers so they can get loose and also gain speed. My kids love the bands and I would certainly recommend any softball player using them."


Sarah Purvis

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