Kinetic Bands 360 Acceleration Speed Agility Training Kit

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Includes: Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Bands), Athletic Stretching Strap, Acceleration Speed Cord, Set of 8 Quick Feet Training Cones

360 Speed Kit with Leg Resistance Bands, Bungee Speed Cord, Quick Feet Training Cones - Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball Training Equipment

This awesome speed bundle contains our most powerful Kinetic Bands speed training products to give you a workout guaranteed to provide results. Using the Acceleration Speed Cord (Bungee Speed Harness) simultaneously with Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Bands) provides maximum results for all your sports training and conditioning needs.

Train alone or with a partner to develop the power to achieve maximum velocity; improve multi-directional speed, acceleration, deceleration, re-acceleration.

Both products allow you to move unrestricted in all directions; helping you build strength and power for increased acceleration and speed as well as maximizing sport-specific movements.

What’s included?

Kinetic Bands

Includes 4 levels of resistance so you can incorporate the right level of resistance into your workout. Our leg resistance bands feature 2 comfortable neoprene leg straps that attach just above the knees with front and rear d-rings to attach the resistance bands to (long band in front, short band in back). Kinetic Bands provide a heart healthy, strength building workout for your legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings during physical activity such as exercising and sport-specific training.

Level 1: Recommended for Ages 12 and Under - Yellow, Lt Blue, Lt Green, Grey Resistance Bands

Level 2: Recommended for Ages 13 and Over - Blue, Green, Orange, Red Resistance Bands

Level 3: For Advanced Strength Athletes (includes 5 sets of resistance bands and costs an additional $5.95) - Black (Elite Bands with Metal Clips), Blue, Green, Orange, Red Resistance Bands

Acceleration Speed Cord

The bungee speed cord includes 1 adjustable training belt (available in 3 sizes) with a unique hook and loop fastener for a functional fit (a safer alternative to the buckle fastener that other belts use) and 360 D-Ring that allows you to train in any direction. Waist/Belt Sizes:

Small (31 inches or less)

Medium (32-39 inches)

Large (40 inches or more)

Also includes 1 speed cord with durable safety sleeve that measures 9 feet in length and stretches up to 20 feet, 1 anchor/assistor strap and 1 carry bag.

** Please note this product is designed for light to moderate assisted resistance. The individual holding the anchor position should hold the Assistant Hand Strap and allow the athlete to extend but should not impede them from running in a normal athletic position. The Assistant Hand Strap should be held at or around waist level. **

Set of 8 Blue Quick Feet Training Cones

Lightweight, low-profile, cones are flexible yet sturdy, stackable and portable. Each training cone stands approximately 2 inches high with a base diameter of approximately 8 inches.

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