Baseball and Softball 5 Tool Player Training Kit

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Includes: Kinetic Bands (Leg Resistance Bands), Powerhouse Hitter, ArmPro Bands, Kinetic RT Suspension Straps, Athletic Stretching Strap

Becoming a 5-Tool Player in Baseball or Softball means excelling at these five skills:

Hitting for Average

Hitting with Power

A Fast Running Speed

A Strong Arm

Great Fielding Abilities

The 5-Tool Player Kit combines five great resistance training products to help you increase:

Throwing Velocity

Running Speed

Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core Strength

Hitting Power/Average

Defensive Range


This kit Includes:

POWERHOUSE HITTER-PITCHER - Increase hitting power, improve mechanics and throwing velocity
KINETIC RT SUSPENSION STRAPS - Increase upper body/core strength using bodyweight
ARMPRO BANDS - Increase throwing velocity, arm & rotator cuff strength. 3 resistance levels: Green (Beginner) Red (Intermediate) Blue (Advanced)
KINETIC BANDS (Leg Resistance Bands) - Increase lower body/core strength, speed, agility, stamina (each set includes 4 levels of resistance)
ATHLETIC STRETCHING STRAP - Increase flexibility and decrease stress on joints

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