Powerhouse Hitter-Pitcher

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This power hitter-pitching training system includes: 2 resistance cords, 2 anchor/pole attachment straps, 2 assistant hand straps, 1 adjustable belt, 1 adjustable leg strap, 1 mesh travel bag, FREE training downloads

Become a quick and powerful hitter with the Powerhouse Hitter.

How The Power Hitter-Pitcher Training System Works

For Hitters

Resistance cords attach to a comfortable, adjustable belt at the waist and leg strap at the quadricep (mid thigh), providing resistance as you assume hitting stance and practice your swing. The resistance makes it impossible to complete a full swing without using your lower body and hips; teaching you to drive through with power and force.

It is an invaluable tool for teaching upper body hitters to use the natural strength and force of their lower body instead. It can also help hitters, already dominant in their legs and hips, gain even more power as the resistance helps strengthen the muscles needed to become a powerhouse hitter.

For Pitchers

This functional tool trains pitchers to load and initiate the proper muscle groups to develop power, acceleration and deceleration, during movement.

Three different belt sizes (small, medium, large) and the ability of 360 degree rotation makes it easy to use for pitchers of all sizes ad skill levels, beginner to advanced.

NOTE: You can add an optional 3rd ankle drive cord kit for only $19.95. This add-on includes 1-additional resistance cord (9-20 ft with durable safety sleeve), 1-leg/ankle strap, 1-pole attachment strap, and 1-assistor/anchor strap. Adding the extra ankle drive cord kit allows players to work on their push off leg; pulling the ankle completely through a pitching motion instead of allowing it to drag behind.

What's Included:

2 resistance cords with durable safety sleeve

2 anchor/pole straps

2 assistant hand straps

1 comfortable, adjustable belt

1 comfortable, adjustable leg strap

1 mesh travel bag

FREE training downloads

How to use the Powerhouse Hitter-Pitcher:

Leg Attachment:

1. Properly secure the leg strap around your leg above the knee (mid thigh). Make sure the d-rings on the strap are facing out (on the outside of the leg).

2. Attach the end of one of the resistance cords to a secure anchor with one pole attachment straps and the opposite end of that resistance cord to the front d-ring on the leg strap. (The athlete should be facing at a 90 degree angle from the anchor).

Hip Attachment:

1. Properly secure the Powerhouse Hitter-Pitcher belt around the natural waistline. The logo should be directly in front and upside down to the athlete.

2. Attach one end of the remaining resistance cord to a secure anchor with the other pole attachment strap and the opposite end to the freely moving ring on the belt.

3. Position the ring to the outside hip (same side as the band attached to the leg strap)


· Make sure to step away from the anchor so that the resistance cords are taut (stretched and pulled tight) when performing each drill

"You don't know what type of power your body can generate, until you use the Powerhouse Hitter." 

J Flores
Flores House of Power
Colton, CA


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