Softball Injury Prevention

Obviously its not possible to prevent all injuries, but strengthening the shouder and rotator cuff can certainly help a softball player reduce the risk of injury.

Reduce The Risk of Softball Injuries

Throughout their entire season, softball players are consistently throwing. This often causes the shoulder to become sore, stiff, or even injured if the muscles are not properly trained. This Myosource Kinetic Bands Softball training video shows softball players how to use resistance to work their shoulders and rotator cuffs. The KB Upper Body Workout Bands are used by softball players because they do not limit movements and allow them to increase their mobility, flexibility, and strength. Notice in the video below how the girls feel the tension from the resistance. Rotator cuff care is essential because they must function at full range of motion as well as being strong, flexible, and mobile. The KB Upper Body Workout Bands provide softball players with an inexpensive, easy-to-use, compact tool for becoming all they can be at the plate, on the mound, or on the field.

It is no secret softball players are susceptible to shoulder and rotator cuff injuries. This is why it is important to put a special emphasis on training the rotators so they are strong and flexible. Notice in the video above, the girls perform overhead movement, which is important for body balance. In order to throw, hit, and field the muscles must be able to produce power and full movement. Using the bands will enable softball players to build quick contracting and reacting muscles for speed, power, and flexibility.

External Shoulder Rotation:

Back Shoulder Rotation:

The back shoulder rotation is a great exercise for softball players when trying to relieve shoulder pain in order to play without pain.

Outward Arm Extensions:

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