Softball Base Running With Speed

Softball Speed

It is important for softball players to realize the seriousness of their speed in order to run the bases faster and more effectively. Base running is not just about running as fast as you can in a straight line.  There are rounding bases, first step jumps, lateral footwork, and balance to stop and change direction for getting back to the base or to turn and explode to the next base. The Myosource Kinetic Bands will help develop the speed softball players need in order to gain possession of more bases.


One key element in increasing speed is to lift the knees, providing more force when each foot hits the ground.  In the drill in the video they focus on getting their knees up and back down explosively, as well as driving them forward.  The resistance of the Myosource Kinetic Bands puts tension on the muscles so they become stronger and contract quicker. The drill of driving the knees up and forward will train softball players to gain ground. It is important that softball players stay low so they are able to both generate speed and dive back to the back or slide if need be.

Generating more speed requires technique. This involves making sure to always be on the balls of your feet. The video below is a team of softball players performing an exercise that gets the heels off the ground and forces the body forward.  The goal is to improve stride length and speed by getting the knees up, body low, and exploding off the ground as soon as one foot hits. The front part of the foot is used to generate speed and the back part of the foot is for slowing down and stopping.


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