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Improve Softball Hitting Skills: How To Turn Average Ground Balls Into Singles And Singles Into Extra Bases

Bat speed and leg strength have never been more crucial with today's fastpitch softball players. Leg and hip strength along with hip stability and balance will greatly help improve your hitting ability.


The legs are the strongest part of your body and many hitters neglect to work on the strength and balance needed to drive the ball. Using your legs and hips to drive the ball will help you hit the ball harder and farther. Our Kinetic Bands fire the muscles and provide instant feedback by increasing the explosiveness in your hips and back knee drive.

Video Description:

In the following video, the hitter is wearing Myosource Kinetic Bands while working off the T and during soft toss. The Kinetic Bands are firing the muscles in the legs, hips and core, helping her develop strength and power along with keeping the front knee inside and driving the back knee through the ball. We suggest taking 8-10 swings with resistance (while you wear the bands) and another 3-5 swings without the resistance.

The hitter can also benefit from making contact and exploding out of the batters box, working on footwork and explosive base running. If space is available you can also have the hitter complete the home to first process working on leg drive, speed and quickness. Learn how Kinetic Bands can make a big difference in your hitter’s power. Training with Kinetic Bands allows the user to maximize training time by utilizing them during their normal training or practice routine.


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