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Safe At First Base: How To Get An Explosive Start Out Of The Batters Box

Speed Training with Myosource Kinetic Bands will help fastpitch softball players develop an explosive first step out of the batters box, improve leg drive and give them the power needed to get that extra step from home to first. Increasing your speed by just a fraction of a step can help you win close calls. Adding resistance to softball speed training drills, especially ones that simulate game time, is a great way for fastpitch players to work on their footwork and base stealing skills and strengthen leg, hip, and core muscles simultaneously to improve their speed and stats.


Video Description:

In the following video, the hitter is working to improve her base running speed from home plate to first base. You can use this drill by hitting from a T or soft toss from a coach. We generally let the hitter take 3-4 practice swings and then go live. Swinging the bat, working on footwork and a quick start out of the box, and developing the leg drive and hip rotation can make a big difference in your time from home to first.

This drill is being performed with the actual distance from home plate to first base so the runner can work on stride length and stride frequency. With proper running form and technique, gaining even a slightly longer stride or faster leg drive and hip rotation, can help you gain an edge in beating out close plays.

Adding Myosource Kinetic Bands to this area of training will help the athlete fire more muscles and develop leg and hip strength that is essential for gaining speed and power. We suggest 4-5 resisted reps (in the bands) followed by 2-3 un-resisted reps (without the bands) and working at maximum effort. This allows the athlete to simulate exactly how they will perform and succeed in game time performance.

This video also demonstrates players performing the High Knees Drill (Forward and Back) and other sprint training drills during an off-season practice to work on leg drive along with hip flexor strength and flexibility.


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